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Why Uber Drivers Get Deactivated and How They Can Get Reactivated?

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Every Uber driver lives in constant fear of being suspended. That scenario represents their biggest fear, in truth. Your account as an Uber driver has been deactivated, and you have tried to log in. And with that, you lose your means of support.

However, with Driverly, you get exclusive access to their reactivation services when you sign up to be a Driverly Premium Member. They can help get you back on the road so you can keep earning.

How to reactivate permanently deactivated Uber account

Uber Driver Deactivation Causes

This is the list you need to be careful of if you want to avoid getting into problems with Uber since it contains the reasons why your account might be canceled.


Trip lengthening on purpose, creating fictitious accounts to take advantage of discounts, submitting inflated expense reports, and accepting phony travel arrangements are all examples of fraudulent behavior.

Risks to Safety

As soon as you endanger yourself or a passenger, you'll be disabled. Your Uber driver account will be terminated if you are caught drinking and driving, assaulting or harassing passengers, or driving like a lunatic.

How to reactivate permanently deactivated Uber account

The Expired Documents

The registration, insurance, safety inspection certificates, and driver's license all have expiration dates. If you fail to renew your documents on time, Uber will deactivate your account. You are assumed to be a responsible driver and will thus not be informed of the deactivation.

Poor Reviews of Uber Drivers

If your average rating drops below 4.6, you will be deactivated and will no longer have access to the site. Those who have been suspended from Uber can get back on the road by paying a customer service charge.

Marketing a Competitor

If you give out Lyft referral cards to Uber customers, that's the number one way to get banned. While Uber is fine with you using and recommending businesses like DoorDash and Airbnb, they take a dim view of you endorsing Lyft, which is in direct competition with them.

Providing Prearranged Trips

If Uber discovers that you have taken any rides outside of the app with passengers who have not requested them through the app, it will instantly delete your account.

Free Rides for Minimums

Uber will instantly terminate your account if it is discovered that you gave free trips to friends or family in order to reach the minimum guaranteed rides.

Commercial Taxi License Application

There are a lot of rules associated with obtaining a commercial license, and Uber would rather not deal with them. If this is the case, it might be the main reason they reject business licenses.

Background Check

Authorities in some jurisdictions may demand that Uber do a new background check. If you fail this check, Uber will have to delete your account regardless of how many kilometers you've driven using the app.

Staying out of legal trouble with the law is the only way to keep your name in good standing with the government.

Excessive Cancellation

You must agree to an "Acceptance and Cancellation Rate" section in Uber's deactivation policy before you can become a driver with the company.

Uber believes that if you are serious about becoming a rideshare driver, you will have a high acceptance rate for client pings and few negative reviews.

How to Have Your Uber Driver Account Reactivated

If you contact Uber's customer service, you may get your driver account back up and running. Unlike in California, most states don't have a formal appeals procedure, so you'll need to get in touch with Uber's customer service to get your account reinstated.

There might be a problem with your account that needs fixing or information that you need to supply.

Drivers in California: Proposition 22 Deactivation Appeals

As of today, California drivers have the legal right to contest their suspensions according to Proposition 22. Information on how to seek a review of your deactivation will be sent to you through email or a message in the Uber app.

After an Uber representative reviews your submission, they will respond to you in writing. Only one attempt at appealing a decision is allowed.

If you are a California Uber driver and have not heard from Uber, you may contact support to begin the appeals process.

How to reactivate permanently deactivated Uber account

Deactivated for Poor Ratings? Ratings Improvement Course

If your rating needs work, taking a course to fix it can get you back in the game. If you haven't already, check your Uber messages or get in touch with the company directly to inquire about this course and whether it is now being offered. Uber drivers may take advantage of these training programs to improve their driving and customer service abilities.

Less than $100 is usually required to enroll in a class. After finishing the course, just scan and upload the completion certificate to Look for the word "reactivate."

When a driver's ratings drop below a certain threshold, Uber will send them a message informing them that they are no longer allowed to drive for Uber Eats.

Failed to get packages because of poor ratings!

Deactivated Due to Document Issues

To restore your privileges, please upload the revised paperwork required. The procedure can be sped up by visiting a Greenlight Hub or by calling Uber's driver phone assistance. Once a support rep verifies your paperwork, they should be able to reactivate you immediately.


Driverly is a website that helps gig workers and rideshare drivers succeed. When you sign up for a Driverly Premium Membership, it gives you exclusive access to their reactivation services. They'll handle all the appeals for you so you don't have to deal with it.

Disabled for Other Reasons

If you have any questions or would want to be reactivated as an Uber driver, please contact the company through the app, on Twitter, or at You may also go to a physical location for assistance.

Even though your chances of success are low, this strategy has proven effective for other riders and me.

To be effective, you need to be consistent and convey a straightforward message. Avoid giving too much information or getting into an argument with Uber support employees.

Responses to Baseless Allegations

Some Uber riders have the unfortunate habit of making up stories about their drivers. Whether it's to get out of paying for a ride or as revenge for a negative experience, lying to Uber may get drivers suspended.

Contact Uber immediately if a consumer makes an unfounded claim against you. Describe the trip in as much detail as you can recall.

It's possible that Uber will temporarily suspend your account while they investigate, but if you have a solid history with the service, they'll likely end up on your side.


It's easy to keep from being deactivated: Make sure your documentation is in order, play by the rules, and be a safe driver for Uber.

If you accidentally cause a deactivation, don't get angry with Uber's support team; instead, work quickly to resolve the situation.


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