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10 Biggest Reasons Lyft Drivers Get Deactivated & How to Get Reactivated

Losing access to Lyft would be devastating for drivers. To be sure, this is annoying, but it's par for the course in corporate life. It happens frequently, yet the reasons behind it are not always evident.

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Lyft's Deactivation Procedure

There are a number of reasons why Lyft can deactivate your account. True, Lyft may cancel your account at any time, but this usually only happens if you've done anything to break their rules or put a passenger in risk.

1. You broke traffic laws

In the event that you are stopped for a criminal act while working for Lyft, your account will be terminated immediately.

An infringement of the traffic laws can range from anything as little as speeding or ignoring a stop sign to something as serious as fleeing the scene of an accident or endangering the lives of others.

2. You had drugs or alcohol

Lyft has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to drivers being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Any driver caught operating a Lyft car under the influence of drugs or alcohol will have their account terminated immediately and permanently.

The organization will instantly cancel your subscription if a consumer reports you for drunk driving.

3. Drug-using travelers

This presents a difficulty, as in certain areas it is not illegal for automobile passengers to have open containers or drink alcohol while traveling. Regardless of local laws, it is against Lyft policy for passengers to have open containers of alcohol while riding.

4. Old records are used

Incomplete or outdated documentation is a common reason for account closures. Having an expired driver's license or registration will disqualify you from driving for Lyft. Changes to your registration, insurance, or driver's license must be reflected in your Lyft profile.

5. Your car doesn’t pass standards

The vehicle you use as a Lyft driver must meet the company's requirements. Cars can't be more than 15 years old in most cities, however this number fluctuates.

If Lyft determines that your car is too old to safely transport passengers, you risk having your account closed.

Account Reactivation

If Lyft has cancelled your account, you may get it back online by using these measures.

1. Check the reason for your deactivation

If you want to know why you were deleted from Lyft, you can contact customer service. You might not know the full story until Lyft completes its investigation into an allegation.

2. Evidence for an appeal

You can gather evidence to submit in an appeal if you think Lyft's decision to deactivate your account was made unfairly. Materials such as your driving record, incident reports, and similar documents might be used to substantiate your claim.

3. Lyft deactivation appeal

If you feel your deactivation from Lyft was unjustified, you can contact the company and ask them to rethink their decision.

4. Use Driverly

Again, signing up to be a Driverly Premium Member will give you exclusive access to their reactivation services where they'll handle the appeal process for you. Driverly strives to help drivers get back on the road so they can continue to earn more. Sign up now!

How Appeals Work

Upon obtaining the final judgment on your deactivation, you have the right to file an appeal immediately. Time spent waiting for Lyft's decision on your appeal might be considerable.

There isn't a lot of information on Lyft's appeal process on the website, so you should call Lyft support right away to find out what you need to do. There are two options available for you to reactivate your account.

Making a call to support

Get in touch with Lyft's support if you feel like your account was suspended without just cause. Things like dash cam footage, driver assessments, and accident reports are helpful in this situation.


Even though the prospect of having your Lyft account cancelled is unsettling, there are steps you may do to restore access.


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