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10 Most Common Reasons Uber Drivers Get Deactivated & How To Get Reactivated

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If you are in the Uber driver app but are unable to accept trips after being deactivated, you have been deactivated. To put it simply, it's the same as being fired from Uber and losing access to the app, rendering any potential side income impossible.

Top Reasons Uber Deactivated Your Account

Earning money using Uber is a fantastic side venture. You may risk losing access to your driver account if you make any of the following errors.

1. Severe Rate Of Cancelation

Having an abnormally high cancellation rate is a leading cause of Uber suspension.

Uber doesn't care about your acceptance rate, and you shouldn't waste your time on low-paying orders.

However, Uber places a great deal of importance on your cancellation rate, and if it's too high, you may lose access to the app.

2. Being habitually late

Uber deactivates drivers for being perpetually late, among other reasons.

Always do your best to arrive promptly.

3. The Uber Driver Policy was Broken

If your Uber account is about to be disabled, you may get a warning beforehand. A violation of the Uber driving rules will result in an immediate and permanent suspension of your Uber driver account.

The Uber driver policy consists of many important regulations, including:

  • Poor driving safety

  • Inactivation across competing gig economy platforms

  • Dangerous driving due to alcohol or drug use

  • Customers being harassed or fought with

  • Abusive sexual behavior

  • Driving unauthorized automobiles

  • Unsafe driving practices

The short version is that if you do anything harmful or unlawful that puts consumers in danger, you will be permanently removed from Uber.

4. Fraud

Another way someone's Uber account might be disabled is for fraud. This may also take several shapes. It is legally fraud to use a false name or to let someone else use your car insurance and driving privileges.

5. Discrimination

Discriminating against riders is a clear reason for Uber to terminate your account.

If a client reports you for being disrespectful or discriminatory, Uber will immediately remove you from the app without any notice or recourse.

6. Dangers To Safety

As previously stated, Uber drivers who breach their safety guidelines will have their accounts suspended. Your vehicles must meet Uber's city-specific vehicle criteria, which might be rather stringent if you aren't generating money by riding a bike.

Similarly, be careful on the road and avoid endangering anybody.

7. Expired Documents

The fact that your driver's license or other required paperwork is out of current is still another basis for Uber's decision to terminate your account.

Uber drivers need many forms of identification to work:

  • License to drive

  • Registration and insurance for a motor vehicle

  • Facts uncovered via a background check

  • Image for a profile

If your driver's license has expired, you must immediately replace it with a new one and update your Uber driver account. Similarly, if you change your car insurance, you should notify your provider.

8. Low Driver Rating

The consumer may rate your performance after you've made a trip via Uber.

If your driver rating falls below the minimum required in your location, you will get a warning and then be deactivated.

9. Owning More Than One Uber Account

Having several Uber accounts is strictly forbidden. Whether you started an application but never finished, you may see if you can pick up where you left off by logging in to your account or checking your email.

10. Insurance and criminal history record update

Before hiring a driver, Uber investigates their history for the following red flags:

  • Convictions for felonies during the previous seven years

  • Convictions for serious offenses

  • Heavy criminal charges are being considered at this time

  • The absence of a clean driving record over the last seven years

How to get Uber Account Reactivated?

Your Uber account may be recovered in certain circumstances following suspension. If your driver's license or car insurance expires, for instance, you may update your account by uploading the new details. However, permanent removal from Uber is the standard punishment for severe violations.

You may contact Uber support through email to find out why your account was disabled and what you need to do to restore it so you can resume making trips.

Again, signing up to be a Driverly Premium Member will give you exclusive access to their reactivation services where they'll handle the appeal process for you. Driverly strives to help drivers get back on the road so they can continue to earn more. Sign up now!

Check out this video to learn more about Uber tips and tricks so you can avoid getting deactivated:


If you violate Uber laws or misconduct your riders, your account may get deactivated. But there is always a way to get your account reactivated. So don’t violate the Uber rules and avoid the reasons mentioned above to prevent such situations.


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