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10 Reasons DoorDash Drivers Get Their Account Deactivated & How To Get Reactivated

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Anyone may have their DoorDash account disabled.You may be disabled at any moment, including in the middle of a shift, and you may find out about it either through the app or by email. DoorDash's Deactivation Policy includes several different reasons why a Dasher's account could be disabled, but there is still hope for them to regain access.

If in the unfortunate event your DoorDash account gets banned, Driverly will be able to help. Signing up for a Driverly Premium Membership will give you exclusive access to their reactivation services so you can get back to earning.

Here are the 10 main reasons a DoorDash driver will get deactivated:

1. Negative Feedback from Customers

After receiving their DoorDash orders, customers are prompted to leave a feedback rating between one and five stars.

Timeliness, thoroughness, and personality are all factors in how they rate their employees.

2. Higher Cancellation Rate

DoorDash allows you to choose when to accept deliveries, but you'll still need to make sure they get done.

They provide you with all the information you need to reject an unsuitable delivery before you consent to it: the store, the destination, and the payment.

3. Platform Abuse

While these are the most popular explanations, some Dashers do misuse the platform and even urge others to do so.

Copying, framing, indexing, monitoring, and scraping information from DoorDash that you are not authorized to access are all examples of such violations.

4. Compromising safety

Everyone on DoorDash—businesses, customers, and Dashers—can rest assured that their data is safe.

They care for your emotional well-being and the financial security of all sides and want you to feel secure when dashing. Compromising the safety of the platform leads to the deactivation of the account.

5. Abuse of Independent Contractor Agreement

You must accept the terms of the Independent Contractor Agreement before you can establish an account.

You risk having your account canceled if you make mistakes such as falsely marking a delivery as complete, taking products without paying, delivering late, or failing to take reasonable safety precautions.

6. Updated Background Check

All existing Dashers at DoorDash are subject to continuous background checks. The meal delivery app must delete your account if you do not pass this check and meet the eligibility conditions.

You can only keep your job by driving carefully and remaining off the police's radar.

7. Don't Honor DoorDash's Referral Policies

Both the Doordash driver referral program and the Doordash customer referral program have limitations. People are sometimes deactivated if they break the referral rules.

A frequent concern is whether or not a driver's account will be deactivated if their reference number is made public via job boards, blogs, websites, search engines, or any other publicly available platform. In a word, absolutely.

8. Food Theft from Customers

Imagine a world free of mobile applications. It's estimated that there are one million applications available across the Android and Apple app stores. Customers may simply place an order for dinner or lunch using a food delivery app and wait for it to be brought to their door.

Similarly, the gig economy's rapid expansion has increased the number of delivery gigs available to independent contractors and simplified the lives of both businesses and their clients. Stealing from those deliveries lead to account deactivation.

9. Drugs or Drinking While Online

Do you want to get drunk while Door Dashing? Hold on, that can't be done.

You can't do your best work for DoorDash if you're under the influence of alcohol or drugs. These are the steps that will ultimately result in the deactivation of a device, which is usually permanent.

10. Fraud

A prepaid red card may be issued to you through the on-demand delivery app for usage with selected deliveries. Please note that any fraudulent or illegal use of this prepaid debit card will result in legal action. Report the loss of the prepaid debit card right away if you lose it.

Check out this video from The Rideshare Hub on YouTube to learn more about why DoorDash drivers get deactivated:

Remember, if your driver account gets deactivated, try not to worry. Driverly will be able to help try to get your account back so you can start earning again. Be sure to sign up for a Driverly Premium Membership to get all the perks.

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