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Did Your Amazon Flex Account Get Deactivated? Here's What To Do

Are you unable to access your Amazon Flex account after signing in? There are a number of possible explanations for Amazon's decision to cancel the account. Amazon accounts can be temporarily or permanently terminated for policy violations. However, simply asking might sometimes kickstart the procedure again.

If you want to go the easy route and not have to deal with the appeal process, Driverly can help you out. There are so many ways a Driverly membership can help you succeed as a driver, one of which being their reactivation services. They will handle everything for you so you don't have to. Sign up now!

What Caused Amazon to Suspend My Flex Account?

Amazon Flex is one of the best delivery side gigs in terms of income, and it may help you bring in some extra cash when you're not utilizing it. Amazon, however, is a massive company with numerous regulations, and these policies extend to Amazon Flex drivers.

1. Too Many Amazon Flex Blocks

Block are what Amazon calls cancelled Flex driver shifts. Claiming blocks for certain delivery shifts is a first-come, first-served system.

Acquiring title to a block is a simple process. Furthermore, if anything unexpected comes up, you may cancel your vacation plans.

No penalty will be assessed for canceling a block at least 45 minutes before its scheduled start time. When canceling a block with less than 24 hours' notice, there will be a late cancellation charge assessed.

It's not clear how many late cancellation fees may be incurred before Amazon Flex is disabled.

2. Disappearing Amazon Flex Blocks

If obstructions are not removed promptly, Amazon may decide to end the Flex service. Even worse is failing to cancel a block at all and missing several successive blocks.

The Amazon Flex block will be released to other drivers regardless of how much warning was given to cancel it.

This means that even if you are unable to make your shift, items can still be delivered to customers on time.

3. Bots & Grabbers for Amazon Flex

Drivers frequently utilize block grabber software and bots to acquire more blocks using Amazon Flex.

Blocks are in high demand and drivers will use block grabbers and other methods to boost their chances of getting paid for them. But according to Amazon, activating Amazon Flex by using third-party software to get extra blocks is against their policies.

Check out this great video with tips for Amazon Flex drivers so you can avoid any of these mistakes:

What to Do If Your Amazon Flex Account Is Deactivated

Two options exist for restoring your deactivated Amazon Flex account. When certain criteria are met, Amazon will enable previously disabled features again.

Luckily, Driverly helps gig workers who have been deactivated. While this process isn't fully guaranteed, it has helped many gig workers so far. To find out more about Driverly, head to their website at

Make Contact With The Support Team

You may reach Amazon Flex's support staff via the listed phone number on their website. If you haven't logged into your account for more than six months, you may need to contact customer service to get it reactivated.

Create an Appeal Brief

In the event that your account was disabled for any other reason, you should not bother contacting. In order to do that, you must submit an appeal. Customer complaints, harassment, and other causes of deactivation are more serious.

In some situations, a temporary account suspension is more likely to become permanent. You can submit an appeal through the URL provided in the deactivation email. If you feel like your job was terminated unfairly, you do have options.

Use Driverly

Again, Driverly can help you out with all this so you don't have to stress and worry. Sign up for a Driverly membership now so you can try to get reactivated!


Your Amazon Flex account may have been disabled due to inactivity, customer complaints, out-of-date documentation, harassment of Amazon employees or customers, or other violations of Amazon's policies.


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