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DoorDash Driver Mistakes That Will Get You Deactivated & How To Get Reactivated

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

how to reactivate Doordash account

Are you starting to get nervous because every gig worker seems to be getting deactivated left and right?

Doordash is one of those apps that have been known for deactivating their drivers with no warning. This can be devastating, especially if you are relying on Doordash to feed yourself and your family. The good news is that if you have been banned for driving for them, Doordash does allow their driver's to appeal for reactivation.

For current drivers or prospective drivers, we have complied a list of reasons Doordash can deactivate their drivers so that you can avoid getting your account banned in the first place.

If you have already been deactivated by Doordash, do not worry because we will also discuss the best ways to possibly to get your account reactivated!

Also, Doordash does not have a policy on appealing within a certain number of days after your deactivation. This means that you could have been banned 2 years ago or 2 days ago and we can still help you out!

If you want to go the easy route and not have to deal with the appeal process, Driverly can help you out. There are so many ways a Driverly membership can help you succeed as a driver, one of which being their reactivation services. They will handle everything for you so you don't have to. Sign up now!

Reasons for Doordash Deactivation

There are many reasons that Doordash drivers can deactivated. Whether its because you violate the Independent Contractor Agreement or because of negative reviews, it is a good idea to know some things you should look out for.

1. Incorrect Information

When you first sign up for Doordash, you are asked to submit paper work on yourself and on your vehicle.

If Doordash has any suspicion that your documents are fake or not yours, you can get automatically banned and you will not be able to drive for Doordash.

There have been cases where an applicant accidentally inputs the date wrong or the wrong document by accident and they were immediately suspended from continuing with the sign-up process.

Even if you know you were deactivated by an accident that you made, the process of appealing the decision can still be long. To avoid the unnecessary wait to start earning, make sure you go over your documents before submitting. Double check everything so that no mistakes are made.

2. Late Deliveries

Doordash keeps track of your late deliveries.

When you accept an order, be aware of the timeframe they give you to complete the delivery. Because there are many factors that can contribute to a delivery being late, (such as a long wait at the pick up location), Doordash only counts a late delivery when the time it takes to complete the order is significantly later than estimated.

You will not be deactivated after one violation of being on time but if you are continuously late to make your deliveries, this can be ground for deactivation.

You are able to see your "On time or early" deliveries in the Ratings section of your Dasher App. Check this function regularly to see the status of your account.

If you have any disagreements with the information shown, contact customer support right away.

3. Poor Customer Ratings

The minimum customer rating you must maintain is a 4.2.

As you continue to deliver with Doordash, the ratings that you have in the beginning will start to disappear. This is great if you ever get low customer rating because all you need to do is complete more orders and you can get those low ratings to eventually go away.

Doordash actually has a great rating forgiveness policy.

If you receive any rating under 5 stars for any of these reasons, Doordash not count it toward your overall rating

  • waiting at a restaurant for a longer than expected period

  • when there are extreme weather conditions

  • wrong items delivered when the bags are sealed

  • when Doordash acknowledge that the delivery is going to be late based on reasons out of your control

4. Duplicate Accounts

Doordash does not allow its drivers to make more than one account. If you attempt to make another account, it can get your original account suspended permanently.

While you might get away with making another account by using a different email and phone number, Doordash still needs to run a background check on you. When they run the background check they will see you already have your account and you will be banned.

5. Unsafe Driving

Whether you are a good Doordash driver isn't just determined on whether can deliver groceries on time. Being a great Doordash driver also means you have a clean driving record.

If you acquire any driving violations on the road, Doordash can decide you are not a suitable driver and deactivate your account.

6. Completion Rate Under 80%

The minimum completion rate you must have is 80%. You can look your completion rate in the ratings section of the Dasher app.

Since you are given the luxury of deciding what orders you want to accept, make sure you complete the orders you do take.

There will be times where you are unable to complete an order because of unforeseen incidents but for any other reason you know you may not be able to complete the order, just don't accept it.

7. Inappropriate Behavior

Here are a list of acts considered unsafe and inappropriate

  • being under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs

  • asking for, giving, or sharing personal information of yourself or your customer

  • failure to follow traffic laws

  • making discriminating remarks

  • physical or verbal assault

8. Falsely Marking a Delivery as Complete

Confirming that you have made a delivery when you did not is against the Independent Contractor Agreement.

If the customer marked that they want the goods handed to them but they are not at the location to receive it you must go through some steps in to mark the order as complete.

1. You must make attempts to reach the customer and wait an acceptable amount of

time for the person to get the delivery. The steps to follow in this scenario will be on your

Dasher app when you click the "Can't find customer" option.

2. You can either leave the items at the drop off location or you need to return the

delivery if it is specified to do so in the app

Most importantly - You are never allowed to take the delivery for yourself.

Keep in mind, Doordash does not state how many violations you can get before being deactivated so do not be surprised if you can deactivated after one or ten violations. Each deactivation case varies.

If you want to become a better DoorDash driver, check out these great tips and tricks!

How to Reactivate your Doordash Account

Luckily, Driverly helps gig workers who have been deactivated. While this process isn't fully guaranteed, it has helped many gig workers so far. To find out more about Driverly, head to their website at

You will know when you have gotten deactivated from Doordash because there will be a notification sent to the email associated with your Dasher account. You will also see an alert when logging into your Dasher app.

Unlike other gig apps, Doordash will always give you a reason to why you were deactivated. This is great news because you won't need to waste any time trying to figure out why you were suspended.

If you get banned by Doordash and you feel like you deserve the chance to work for them again, Doordash gives you the opportunity to appeal the decision. While they give you an outlet to explain your case, it can be tricky to do yourself.

Before submitting the appeal, you can also try contacting Doordash customer support by phone. You can attempt to get your account reactivated by talking to a customer service representative.

If they tell you that they cannot help you by phone, you can still ask if they can give you any more information on exactly why you were deactivated. This can be useful if the complaint is customer based.

Whatever details you can get on the incident could help you get your account back.

An important reminder if you are thinking of constructing an appeal is that the form Doordash provides only works for accounts that were banned because of violations of the Independent Contractor Agreement or their Deactivation Policy. This means that if you were deactivated for any other reason, you may not qualify for their review process.

If you feel like your case falls within the terms of filing an appeal, you can now start to gather any information.

Here are some tips to constructing a strong appeal:

1. Include any photographs and/or videos that can help your case

Make sure your pictures or videos are relevant to your deactivation. Anything that

unnecessary can slow down the process or cause confusion.

Doordash receives many appeals a day so having your form as concise as possible can

help make an easy decision on your case.

It is also possible to attach any screenshots you may have.

2. Submit your appeal as soon as possible after you get deactivated

The reason you want to submit your appeal as quickly as you can is so that you have

the facts fresh in your mind and you are less likely to forget anything important.

When you make the appeal right away, it also lowers the chance of you throwing out

any evidence that might be useful.

3. Be polite and apologize for anything that you may have done wrong

The tone of your voice in your appeal can reflect on the type of customer care you give.

If you are rude or impatient in your appeal form, Doordash might assume you treat your

customers with the same attitude.

Stay polite and apologize for any inconvenience you may have caused the app or the

customer. This could convince Doordash that you have learned from any mistake and

they could be more likely to reactivate you.

4. Proofread your appeal to avoid any mistakes that may make it seem unprofessional

If you have any spelling errors or any grammatical issues on the form, it could show the

Doordash team that you are not serious in getting your account back.

Construct an appeal that sounds professional and to the point. If you are having trouble

writing an appeal that to describe exactly what happened, try getting help to make

sure you get your point across accurately.

Again, Driverly can help you out with all this so you don't have to stress and worry. Sign up for a Driverly membership now so you can try to get reactivated!

After you submit your appeal, it can take days or even weeks to hear a response so just be patient. Again, each appeal is handled on a case by case basis so just because you know someone that got reactivated when they were banned for the same reason you were banned, it does not mean you will also get your account back.


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