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Here's Why DoorDash Deactivated You and How To Get Your Account Back!

After being founded back in 2013 as an online food delivery platform, Door Dash went on to become the largest food delivery company in the United States of America and has since then expanded to international markets such as Australia, Canada, Germany, and more.

A door dash delivery person is more commonly referred to as a ‘Dasher’ and being such a large network, there are thousands of Dashers working every day. Like every other job in the world, as a Dasher your worst fear would probably be to lose your means of income and that may happen if DoorDash decides to deactivate your account. Here are some of the reasons why your DoorDash account may be deactivated and how you can try and get your account reactivated again.

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Reasons DoorDash Drivers Get Deactivated

  1. Incomplete or Inaccurate Documents: Make sure the documents you submit to DoorDash while signing up are complete, accurate, valid or not nearing expiry so your account remains active. Also, make sure to update your documents on DoorDash too in the future whenever you have them renewed so that you can avoid deactivation due to expired documents

  2. Customer Rating: Like almost every other app that provides products or services, DoorDash gives its customers the option to rate their deliveries on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. The Dasher needs to maintain a rating of at least 4.2 stars and if the rating drops below the threshold for a prolonged period the app will send you a warning notification and may eventually deactivate your account. The best way to avoid this would to always be courteous towards the customer when delivering, making sure you deliver on time and if for whatever reason you are late inform the customer of the reason and apologize to them for it

  3. Failure to Pass Background Check: DoorDash runs occasional background checks on every delivery person working for them. If you fail one of these tests, your account will be deactivated. Reason for failure in a background check may be a new criminal record or driving record issue

  4. Low completion Rate: The completion rate is how many orders a delivery person accepts and what percentage of those orders they complete. The completion rate needs to be at least 80% at all times and if it drops below that the account is at risk of being deactivated. Before accepting the order the Dasher would have all the details he needs available to him such as the customer details, their address and the pay and will have complete freedom to accept or deny the order so they need to make sure they can easily fulfill the order before they actually accept it

  5. Driving Offenses: DoorDash can deactivate your account if you are reported for traffic violations, unsafe driving/biking or working when under the influence of alcohol or drugs

  6. Behavior towards the Customer: Like any organization, the relationship between the customer and the company matters a lot to DoorDash and hence, Dashers are always encouraged to treat the customer right. So it goes without saying that any kind of misbehavior towards a customer will lead to account deactivation. Such actions include but are not limited to; shouting/screaming at the customer, arguing with the customer, physical or verbal sexual harassment, displaying violent or aggressive behavior, acting inappropriately with the customer, use of abusive language, and discrimination on the basis of race, skin tone, religion, nationality, gender, or sexual preference. Similarly, such behavior will not be tolerated by the company not only against customers but also with merchants and other dashers

  7. Unwanted Contact and Disclosing Information: A dasher may get their account deactivated if they try to contact the customer or merchant later on against their will, send them inappropriate or spam messages or misuse or share their personal information with someone else or online

  8. Problems with Package or in Delivery: You can get your account deactivated if you make it a habit of delivering late compared to the estimated time, mark the delivery complete before actually delivering the parcel, pick up the parcel and not deliver it, deliver the parcel with missing items, or damage tamper with or open a parcel before delivery

  9. Contract Violations and Terms of Service: Dashers are advised to thoroughly read the contract of the terms of service when signing up to the platform and follow it as the account may be deactivated if any of the terms mentioned in the terms of service are breached or violated by the delivery person

Check out this video to learn more about DoorDash mistakes to avoid so you can prevent your account from getting banned.

Compared to other similar platforms, DoorDash is usually clearer in the process of deactivation as it will more often than not provide the particular reason as to why the account is being deactivated. The Dasher will be informed through an in-app notification or email when the account is being deactivation. In many instances DoorDash will also warn you in advance when your account is a risk of being deactivated and mention the reason why.

How To Get Reactivated To DoorDash

Now if you are reading the deactivation email there will be a link that redirects you to an appeal form and if you are at the app you will see a button that says ‘Request Review’. In order to have a chance at reactivation you will have to fill out the form and explain to them as to why your account needs to be reactivated. To have a better chance at reactivation try to be polite towards the customer care representative and make sure it’s a discussion and not an argument. Keep it concise and to the point there are many complaints that particular department of DoorDash are dealing with it and they would appreciate it if you are not writing unnecessary long paragraphs. There will be better chances of reactivation if you have proofs or screenshots to attach that support your cause.

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DoorDash will not let you appeal if your account was a deactivated for ‘objective’ reasons such as low customer rating or low completion rates. In such cases you won’t have the option to appeal directly but can do so by speaking with a company representative instead but the chances of getting the account back will be extremely low. The best option then would be to get yourself signed up to a different platform that offers similar services.

This is all you need to know regarding the deactivation and reactivation of a Door Dash account.


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