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How Do I Get My Uber Account Reactivated?

Whether you drive for Uber or are a rider, getting your Uber account deactivated can be no less than a nightmare. Even though it is a scary situation, it certainly has a fair bit chance of happening.

Your account can get deactivated by Uber due for one or more than one of the following reasons:

  1. Insanely low rating received (either as a rider or a driver)

  2. High cancellation rate in case of a rider

  3. Low acceptance rate in case of a driver

  4. Violation of Uber’s code of conduct

  5. Complaints or fraudulent activity

  6. Inactivity

  7. Expired documents or failing the background check

No matter what the reason was for you, in this article, you will learn how to get reactivated with Uber fairly easily.

Keep in mind drivers who sign up for the Driverly Premium Membership get exclusive access to convenient reactivation services that can help you get your account back.

How can I be sure my account is deactivated? Well, it is not hard to realize when Uber deactivates your account as they will make sure to tell you when doing so.

Uber can either do so by sending you a message or an email. And when you open your uber app, notifications similar to these will appear:

  • “The partner account you drive under has been disabled”

  • “Your driver account has not been activated”

  • "Your account has been placed on hold."

  • "You are waitlisted." OR "Your profile status at is rejected/on-boarding/wait-listed."

Even though none of the messages above specifically tells you, they do give a fair hint that Uber has deactivated your account.

How to get your Uber account reactivated as a Driver? Several ways exist to get back on Uber by reactivating your account. However, each depends on the scenario you are currently in. Uber has every right to deactivate your account. This can be done at any time and due to any reason. They might let you know the reason behind their action, but they can also choose not to do so. It is entirely up to them to decide what action they take.

Deactivated because of low rating:

If your account has been deactivated due to low ratings, you might need to take a “quality improvement course” by Uber and get back to them.

Deactivated because of documents: Update your documents by uploading them. You can also visit “Uber Greenlight Hub” if you’re impatient or contact Uber through the Uber helpline.

Deactivated due to any other reason: No matter what the reason is, you can always contact Uber and appeal against your account deactivation by filling out the Uber Account Reactivation Form.

You will need to provide your Name, your email, and the required information.

In case of a really serious and dangerous event, the chance of you getting your Uber account reactivated is very narrow as Uber will look into EACH and EVERY occurrence with great detail, and if they find a good reason behind it, your Uber account will be suspended permanently by them without any hesitation.

If you have had a number of unsubstantiated complaints about a particular problem, Uber may not even demand evidence in those certain circumstances.

If the issue was a rather small one, then you can immediately appeal the judgment to Uber. High cancellation rates, poor ratings, or low acceptance rates may also result in small temporary bans from the Uber driver app. Reactivation will be contingent upon completion of a course on quality improvement.

You may get in touch with Uber customer support if you have any more queries or would like to speak with a professional directly.

You can fill out the form that is provided on Uber's deactivation website to appeal a deactivation by going to Uber Deactivation Form.

You will need to be careful about giving further details about the incident in order to make your case as persuasive as you can, but you should be well aware that Uber cannot promise that your account will be reinstated.

IF NONE OF THE ABOVE WORKS, you can always create a new Uber account by using a new email and contact number

How to get your Uber account reactivated as a Rider? No doubt, when you discover that your account has been deactivated, you will want to reactivate it as soon as you can. Uber may terminate your account for practically any reason, but the right to dispute the company's order is still reserved for you.

Account deactivated due to inactivity If your account has been inactive for more than a year, you will need to re-verify your account. But if your account has been suspended due to being inactive for 90 days, you can go to and fill out the information.

Similar to driver deactivations, there also exists a minimal chance in this scenario that you'll ever be able to use Uber again if you're dealing with a major, violent, or hazardous situation. However, if your situation is not that much serious, you can always contact Uber to persuade them to change their decision.

Being a rider, in certain cases, it might be more difficult to appeal a deactivation of your account than it is for drivers. They might have a dedicated form to contest the decision in the case of a driver deactivation, but they DO NOT have the same procedure for riders.

So as a Rider, sometimes you will need to directly contact them through their customer care service.

  • “Phone number: (800) 593-7069”

  • “Email support:”

  • “Help portal: If your uber account is still unbanned after trying all of the above options, then maybe it’s worth considering moving to another app.

Conclusion: Despite getting your Uber account deactivated, whether as a rider or as a driver, there still exist several ways for you to get your account reactivated with Uber.

  • As a Driver, it will involve filling out the “Account reactivation application form” or making the necessary adjustments required for you to reactivate your recently deactivated account by Uber.

  • As a Rider, you can go to fill in the information at the Uber Partners website at PARTNERS.UBER.COM or by contacting them directly at their customer care helpline.


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