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How To File An Official Deactivation Appeal To DoorDash To Get Reactivated

DoorDash strives to provide couriers with the best experience possible. Due to the nature of this business, in which customer satisfaction is essential to its operation and also granted that couriers are independent contractors who are not employees, they have established a couriers deactivation system. They deactivate for various reasons, including safety issues such as road violations, failure to follow directions from the app, and customer complaints.

Any appeals submitted come from an individual or group with all the facts and evidence related to their deactivation. Ultimately, they will reach a conclusion when reviewing these cases. Here's what you need to do to get your account deactivated by DoorDash and reactivated.

However, with Driverly, you get exclusive access to their reactivation services when you sign up to be a Driverly Premium Member. They can help get you back on the road so you can keep earning.

How Do You Know You Got Deactivated?

DoorDash is a restaurant delivery service that partners with restaurants to provide delivery services. DoorDash has a driver app that allows you to check in and track your route. If you are deactivated from DoorDash, you will not be able to use this app anymore.

In addition, if you have been deactivated from DoorDash, you will receive an email and notification through the app that your account has been closed. If you are still waiting to receive any of these emails or notifications, then it is possible that your account is still active but needs to be accessed due to technical issues or other reasons.

How To File An Official Deactivation Appeal

Here's how:

  • Submit a deactivation appeal via a form: If you want to file an appeal, you must fill out the "Deactivation Appeal Form" and submit it. The form is available here.

  • Fill in the relevant information concerning why you were deactivated: When submitting your request for an appeal, please provide as much detail as possible about why you think you were removed from service and what steps you have taken to improve or change your behavior on the services in the future, so they can better assess if you should be reinstated as a member of the dasher community.

  • Try to include photographic, video or audio evidence to support your case: If you have photographic, video, or audio evidence that can back up your case, this will make your appeal much more compelling. Think about what could be used to support your case and try to get it into the appeal. It may be easier to get your appeal through if you have access to all these things.

  • Answering the questions to the best of your ability: When filing an appeal, you will be asked questions regarding the situation that caused your account to be deactivated for us to understand better what happened. It's recommended to answer these questions as thoroughly as possible so they can evaluate whether or not the decision was appropriate based on the information provided.

  • Wait a few days to hear back from DoorDash: Sometimes, it takes time for DoorDash's support team to review an appeal request and respond to the driver who submitted the request. So if you submit an appeal immediately after being deactivated, then there's no guarantee that it will get processed immediately and reviewed by someone who can decide whether or not they should re-activate your account immediately.

  • Use Driverly to help: If you don't want to deal with the process yourself, Driverly will do it for you. When you sign up for a Driverly Premium Membership, you gain exclusive access to all their resources, including their reactivation services.

Can I Sign Up for DoorDash After Being Deactivated?

If you commit a serious violation, you generally get banned. But what if you didn’t do anything wrong? Maybe there was an error on the company’s part, or maybe they just got a bad vibe from your application. If that happens, you can always try to sign up again. There’s no guarantee that the second time around will be successful, but it might be worth a shot.

Reasons DoorDash Will Deactivate You

Here are some reasons why DoorDash may deactivate drivers:

1. Consumer Ratings

DoorDash has a minimum rating requirement of 4.6 out of 5 stars. If your rating drops below this threshold, DoorDash will likely deactivate your account. It's important to remember that the consumer rating is calculated based on the last 100 deliveries you've completed rather than all deliveries overall.

2. Platform Abuse

DoorDash is a platform that allows its users to earn money by delivering food to customers. The company has a zero-tolerance policy towards abuse of its platform. It will deactivate your account if they suspect you are using it for illegal activity or harming other people. Any kind of fraud will result in your account being deactivated. Examples include using false information when signing up for an account, using multiple accounts at once, or taking orders without consent from the customer.

3. Cancellation Rate

The cancellation rate is another crucial factor determining whether or not DoorDash will shut down your account. If you cancel too many orders, then this could mean that you need to be more reliable for their business model, which requires each delivery person to accept orders within a certain amount of time. If you cancel too many deliveries or show up on time when accepting them, it will positively affect your rating with DoorDash. It may eventually lead to the deactivation of your account altogether.

4. Compromising The Platform’s Safety

DoorDash takes safety very seriously because customers want a pleasant experience when ordering food, and they don’t want their drivers putting themselves or others at risk while on duty. When driving for DoorDash, you must always wear your seatbelt, obey traffic laws and drive safely. f your behavior compromises the safety of other people on the platform, then you could be at risk of being deactivated by DoorDash.

5. Violating the Independent Contractor Agreement

DoorDash has an agreement with its drivers that they must follow all traffic laws, avoid unsafe driving practices and refrain from acting in ways that could harm others. If you violate this agreement by acting inappropriately or recklessly while driving, then DoorDash may permanently terminate your account.

Check out this video to learn more DoorDash driver tips to avoid getting deactivated:


Appealing to DoorDash is not an easy task. Take into account that most businesses have different delivery times and locations, as well as customers being upset with a particular driver. Besides that, the administrative team at DoorDash has to dissect thousands of requests from disgruntled drivers that want to be reactivated in the system due to 'mistakes.'

With this being said, DoorDash does want to give back to the community and its drivers because its growth and success rely on its ability to recruit new business owners and drivers. It will be worth your time if you appeal yourself, although there is no guarantee you will get reactivated.


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