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How To Get Reactivated to GrubHub & Why Drivers Get Deactivated

Grubhub is a service that allows people to order food online. The app makes it easy for users to find restaurants, browse menus and order their lunch or dinner with just a few clicks. While this may sound like a pretty simple process, there are quite a few things you can do wrong if you're not careful. Some drivers have been deactivated from GrubHub due to poor performance and subpar customer service! But don't worry: let’s walk you through the steps of getting reactivated and ensuring your GrubHub career stays on track from start to finish.

Keep in mind that if you do get deactivated, Driverly can help! When you sign up for a Driverly Premium Membership, you gain exclusive access to all their resources, including their reactivation services. You may be able to get back on the road and earning again if you sign up now.

Why Drivers Get Deactivated

Grubhub deactivates drivers for a low acceptance rate, meaning that you need to accept more orders. Grubhub deactivates drivers for inactivity when the app detects that you haven't accepted any deliveries in an extended period, usually 90 days. Grubhub deactivates drivers for late deliveries because they want to avoid dealing with customers who aren't getting their food on time. Grubhub deactivates drivers who have low ratings because they don't want any risk to their reputation as a delivery service. And lastly, if you've given bad customer service, you may also be terminated at GrubHub.

How to Get Reactivated

If you've been deactivated from the GrubHub for Drivers app, there are several ways to reactivate and get back on the road. The first is by contacting customer care via phone or email. They will be able to help walk you through the process of regaining access to your account, including assisting with any questions about why it was deactivated in the first place.

Be sure to have your license handy when contacting customer care so they can verify that it has stayed active since your last request was processed. You should also check with them before calling or emailing if there's any information they need from you ahead of time, like a copy of your proof of insurance card or driver's license photo ID. This will make things easier for everyone involved!

You can also sign up for a Driverly Premium Membership. They'll handle the appeal process for you so you don't have to. All you have to do is sign up, email them and follow their instructions, and they'll deal with the rest.

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How long does Grubhub block your account?

You can have your account deactivated for 90 days. This means that Grubhub will not allow you to do deliveries or pickup orders if you have been deactivated. You will also not receive any payments from Grubhub during this time frame.

Grubhub blocks your account because they want to ensure that the drivers are safely delivering food and are not wasting their time on other tasks that do not involve delivery or pickup orders.

Will Grubhub deactivate you for inactivity?

You can choose not to work for up to 2 months before they deactivate you. Grubhub will deactivate your account if you have not accepted any orders in over 60 days.

If it's been more than 60 days since the last time you worked on Grubhub, they may have disabled your account due to inactivity or lack of communication. It's best to contact customer service and ask if anything else needs to be done before reactivating your account, for example, submitting paperwork.

How many Grubhub accounts can you have?

The short answer to this question is no. You cannot have two personal Grubhub accounts. This is because they want to keep your account secure, and one account means one set of login information, which keeps things easier on you and makes you less likely to get hacked.

However, if you work as a delivery partner with a corporate account (if you are working for a restaurant or catering company), they may give you access to their Grubhub account so they can use it for deliveries. This is sometimes referred to as a “partner account” or “corporate account,” allowing them to see all orders available in their city without having the customer log into their profile first!

Does Grubhub deactivate drivers for a low acceptance rate?

Yes, Grubhub deactivates drivers for low acceptance rates.

The acceptance rate is the number of orders accepted divided by the number of orders received. A driver's acceptance rate is calculated by taking the total number of trips accepted during a shift and dividing it by the total number of available trips. This can be found in your 'dashboard' after you finish delivering all your deliveries on a particular day/shift or in your logbook tab, as well as on reports sent to you via email from time to time. If this number drops below 75%, your account could be flagged for review and possibly deactivated if necessary.

Does Grubhub penalize drivers?

You may wonder if Grubhub penalizes drivers who don't accept orders or miss their shifts. The short answer is yes. Grubhub wants to ensure they have a reliable workforce that rarely misses a shift, cancels an order, and needs help finding the customer's address.

If you cannot work your scheduled shifts, you must notify your local office within 24 hours of missing the shift. Take note: failing to do so will result in deactivation from the app!

Can two people deliver with Grubhub?

It's a question that often comes up when looking for a second job. If you want to make extra money, can two people deliver with Grubhub? The answer is yes!

You can activate another person on your account as long as they are a legally licensed, insured driver. If you're looking for more hours or want to take on some shifts with your partner, it's not a problem! Just remember that you need to be available for the same shifts so that no one misses out on work opportunities.

Is working for Grubhub worth it?

Grubhub is an awesome company to work for. The app is easy to use, the pay is good, and you will get tips from customers often. You can earn a lot of money if you work during peak hours or even make extra cash if you only want to pick up a few shifts here and there. It's also great because they offer flexible schedules, making it easier if you have other commitments such as school or family.

If you're looking for a side hustle that pays well and allows you to work your hours, Grubhub should be your top choice!

This video shares great insight on what it's like to drive for Grubhub and if it's worth it!


The process of getting re-activated is pretty straightforward. You must ensure you've submitted all the necessary documents and followed the reactivation instructions. If you need help with the process or need help getting GrubHub back in good standing with its drivers, please feel free to contact customer support.


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