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How to Get Your Amazon Flex Account Reactivated and Restored After A Deactivation

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

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For many people who work in the gig economy, the prospect of losing access to their Amazon driver account is a nightmarish scenario. Being fired from your work and delivering packages on your own terms may be a painful experience.

How can an Amazon Flex employee get rehired? This convenient how-to guide article for regaining access to your deactivated account, whether temporarily or permanently, will assist you in navigating the procedure. Fixing it should not be too difficult for you, although it does depend on the circumstances.

If your account happens to get deactivated, Driverly can assist with the reactivation process for many of the gig apps. When you sign up for a Driverly Premium Membership, you get exclusive access to their reactivation services. Driverly also helps gig workers with new driver education, 1 on 1 support, and tips to grow your income.

What is Amazon Flex?

One of the most sought-after delivery jobs worldwide is with Amazon. You may deliver items for Amazon during your leisure time through a program called Amazon Flex, and you will be compensated for your work. In other countries, they have different conditions, such as in the United States, you need to have a car, a valid driver's license, and a cell phone. However, if you are in New York and a few other cities, you may deliver with a bicycle as well.

How will I recognize that my account has been deactivated?

You will shortly get an email from Amazon explaining the decision that the firm has taken about your account and the reasoning behind that decision. According to the email, your membership in the Amazon Flex program will be canceled immediately.

In the case that you do not get an email, the information will be shown to you when you log in to your account. You won't see a notification on the screen alerting you that Amazon has canceled the account, but you simply won't be able to log in to the platform.

Types of Deactivation

There are two different forms of deactivation, permanent and temporary.

Temporary Deactivation

  • Way too many deliveries were late

  • There was a problem with the delivery to the customers

  • shipments that cannot be delivered or deliveries that are late in being returned to Amazon

  • During an Amazon Flex Block, you are working for a third party

  • When beginning a block, pressing the "I'm at the place, but my GPS isn't working" button an excessive amount of times

  • There are no hot or cold bags available for pickup or delivery

Permanent deactivation

  • An unacceptable number of missed blocks or shifts

  • Repeatedly arriving late for a shift or block of work

  • Infraction of the Passenger Policy

  • You were drinking or using drugs when you were driving

How to Reactivate an Amazon Flex Account

There are two distinct courses of action that you may follow in order to get your Amazon Flex account back up and running. Amazon will, under some circumstances, reactivate a customer account that had been inactive temporarily.

  • Contact Customer Service

If your account is deactivated temporarily, you need to call them up as soon as possible if they have terminated your account. You may talk to a representative by getting in contact with the Amazon Flex support team. This should solve your problem without any hurdles.

  • Submit an Appeal

In the event that your account is locked permanently, you will be required to go through the process of appealing the decision in order to regain access. When a user is deactivated as a consequence of consumer complaints, harassment, or other challenges, the situation is considered to be of a more serious nature.

Within the body of the email that was provided to you after your account was deactivated, you will discover a link that you may use to submit an appeal. If you consider that you were fired in an unfair way, you have the opportunity to make a case to have your employment reinstated. You should contest Amazon's decision to close your account, regardless of the reason why they made the decision.

With the aid of bots, Amazon is able to automate a significant number of its back-office duties. It is possible for bots and algorithms to make mistakes or run into other kinds of problems due to technical issues. So it is highly possible that you might get your account back. So you should always go for appealing.

It is very necessary for drivers to submit their appeals to Amazon within ten days after getting the news that their account was terminated. You will be assisted by customer support staff who will guide you through each stage of the process and explain the activities.

  • Sign Up For Driverly

If your account gets deactivated and you don't have the time or energy to contact Amazon Flex yourself, Driverly can help. They will take care of the process for you so you can spend time earning on other platforms. Signing up for a Driverly Premium Membership will give you exclusive access to their reactivation services. If you become a Driverly Premium member, you get access to tax prep help, new driver education, and much more.


Amazon Flex accounts might be deactivated as a result of customer complaints and inappropriate behavior.

Inactive accounts and accounts that were terminated by a bot are both examples of this phenomenon.

It is always best to stay on the side of caution and make every effort to avoid having your Amazon Flex account deactivated. So try avoiding breaking their principles and following all of their rules and regulations strictly.


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