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How to Get Your DoorDash Driver Account Reactivated After Deactivation: Easy Step By Step

Got your DoorDash deactivated suddenly? Are you worried because there’s no apparent reason? Don’t worry, this can happen to anyone anytime without knowing the obvious cause. Stick to this article to know why this happened and what to do next.

In the event your DoorDash account gets deactivated, Driverly is a great solution to help you get your account back. When you sign up for a Driverly Premium Membership, you can use their reactivation services where they will handle the appeal process for you.

Driverly Premium helps gig workers get their accounts restored, and they help Dashers specifically. In order to signup for a Driverly Premium Membership, head to

Reasons for deactivation:

Your DoorDash account may get deactivated due to these reasons.

· Not obeying the driver’s commitment.

· Not doing your work

· Do not respect the community guidelines

· Drugs or drinking while online

· Low rating

· DoorDash user complaints

· Stealing customer food

· Do not respect DoorDash referral terms

How do you know you got deactivated?

When you are disabled, DoorDash will notify you via app and email. They will always explain the reason behind it. If you can appeal the verdict, the email will tell you how to start the procedure. it can happen at any time but they will tell you why.

How to get reactivated after deactivation?

Once you’re deactivated, DoorDash doesn’t put you on a black list or no-hire list. Everything is app related and there are many ways you can get it back.

Try contacting the investigation department:

Try to call up DoorDash support. If you’ve already been doing that, and if you think you are wrongfully deactivated you can sign for an appeal. You must contact the investigation department. Call them and request them to put you in contact with the investigation department immediately. Those are the people that can get you reactivated.

Advice for a successful appeal:

If you can appeal the decision, you will find a form. Be sure to write all the reasons and explanations for it. Try to add evidence in the form of videos and photos to support your case. By explaining everything, you can create a powerful aggregation for yourself. After sending, you have to wait a few days for an answer. You will be notified if you can reactivate your account or if it is permanently disabled.

Here are a few tips to consider:

· Try to fill out the form as soon as possible.

· Be more relevant and stick to the point.

· Share as much evidence as possible.

· Make reading easier.

· Don't pull too long.

· A hidden camera is driving in your car and will help you the most.

· Try not to break any rules when signing the appeal.

· Use DoorDash referral terms.

· Be as polite as possible to avoid further misunderstandings.

Making a new DoorDash account:

The other safe way is to make a new washer account. For that, you’ll be needing:

· A new phone number, since the previous phone number you used, is no, longer active and it been banned

· A new email address, because I’m your previous one cannot be used.

· Now, this third one may confuse you but it’s a new operating zip code, so this will be different from the one that was connected to your address previously.

So once you have these three things, you can signup on to the DoorDash driver app,

Then you can enter the new phone number, the code, and email, and all the information that is required.

Sign Up For Driverly

Driverly has reactivation services available to their Driverly Premium Members. They will handle the reactivation process for you and carefully craft the best appeal to help get you reactivated. Once you give them the information they need, they will use different methods to try to get your account back so you don't have to do the work.

To cut the long short, if you are a dash driver and you’ve no other source of income. Try contacting the investigation department, fill out the form provided in the email, appeal, and be concise and precise. If you still cannot recover your account, try making another account. Or else take it as a hint and look for a better and new source of earning.


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