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How To Get Your Uber Driver Account Reactivated After Deactivation

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

How To Get Your Uber Driver Account Reactivated After Deactivation

Have you recently been deactivated by Uber or another gig working app? One of the most frustrating things is logging into your Uber driver account and seeing that you are no longer able to go online! This means you have been deactivated. Not to worry... there are many options to get your account reactivated. One of the first things you can do is submit an appeal to Uber.

Thankfully, Driverly has a service that does help drivers who have been deactivated. It's one of the few legit services out there that exist. Be aware of scams. One of the perks of a Driverly Membership is Reactivation Services. Driverly also helps drivers with education, training, tips to earn more, taxes and more! Driverly will gather information from you and write a letter to Uber or one of the gig apps on your behalf.

If you'd like to sign up for a Driverly Membership at an attempt to get your account reactivated, you can look at the membership options here: Driverly Membership Options

Keep in mind, Driverly is not a fully guaranteed way, but it has helped many drivers in the past.

Now, keep in mind this is not at all a guaranteed process but merely a systematic attempt at getting your account recovered. It can sometimes take professional communication, back and forth, and reasoning to get a driver's account back. Many gig apps don't even have a streamlined process for appealing a deactivated account which can make it very frustrating. For instance, if you get deactivated from Instacart, they make it difficult for you to even log back in to your account to appeal the decision.

How To Get Your Uber Driver Account Reactivated After Deactivation

Reasons Uber Drivers Accounts Get Deactivated

If you are unaware of why you were deactivated from the Uber driving platform, here are some common reasons why drivers do get deactivated from the app.

  1. False Reports From Passengers

  2. Background Check Issues

  3. Dangerous Driving Report

  4. Reports of Driving Under The Influence

  5. Uber Driver Rating Is Too Low

  6. Car year expires.

1. False Reports From Passengers

Unfortunately, getting false reports from passengers is a real problem that Uber drivers face daily. Even if you follow all the rules and guidelines, Uber passengers might still try to file a fake report so that they can possibly get a free ride.

If the accusation against you is minor, it is likely you will get a warning message either through the app or on your email. However, if the report against you is major, then your account can be deactivated immediately.

If you want to protect your rating and your account from false accusations, getting a dash camera can be a huge help. The more evidence you have that you are in the right could help save your Uber Driver Account.

2. Background Check Issues

In order to start driving for Uber, Uber does an extensive background check. They review your Motor Vehicle Report and your Criminal Background Check.

On your Motor Vehicle Report they check to make sure you have the proper licensed driving experience. If you are 24 and under, you must have at least 3 years of driving experience. If you are 25 years or older, you need at least one year of driving experience.

Your Motor Vehicle Report must also show that you have a valid and active driver's license. Any major or minor driving violations could possibly result in deactivation of your account.

For your Criminal Background check, they check for any criminal related incidents that you may have. If you have any of the criminal offenses or are pending any criminal charges, this could lead to immediate deactivation or disqualification of your account.

Also remember to double check any documents that you send them. Giving them the wrong files or having expired papers could also get your account banned.

3. Dangerous Driving Report

Passengers are able to report any serious incidents regarding their Uber driver. Some of these incidents can include but are not limited to car accidents, unsafe driving, verbal or physical altercations and any form of inappropriate contact with the passenger.

Making any rude comments against service animals can also be reported.

Again, it is recommended to have a dash cam because these reports against you can result in immediate deactivation. Having a camera to show that you did not do anything wrong could save your account.

4. Reports of Driving Under The Influence

Do not drive under the influence.

All driving apps take driving under the influence very seriously. Uber has a zero tolerance policy in regards to alcohol. This means if your passenger makes a report stating that they believe you were driving under the influence, your account has a high chance of getting permanently deactivated.

You also cannot have any open containers of alcohol or drugs while you are driving for Uber. You can also get deactivated if your passenger files a report saying that your car smelled like alcohol or drugs.

5. Uber Driver Rating Is Too Low

Uber drivers can face possible deactivation of their Uber rating falls below the minimum average rating for their current city.

If you do not normally check your rating, that is okay because Uber will let you know once your account is nearing the minimum limit.

Driving for Uber requires you to maintain a high standard of customer service. Here are some tips that can help your rating:

- greet passengers

- dress professionally

- maintain a polite attitude

- keep your vehicle clean

- be respectful at all times

- offer to help with luggages

- provide phone chargers in your car (for android and iPhone)

If you believe that a rating on your account has nothing to do with your performance as a driver, you can try contacting Uber customer service to get the rating removed.

6. Car year expires.

Make sure your registration and tags are not expired.

If they do expire, Uber will immediately block your account. So it's best if you get your documents updated before their expiry date.

This also goes for any other documents that have an expiration date. If your account gets deactivated because of expired documents, it could take awhile to get your account back and you also risk permanent deactivation.

How To Get Reactivated To The Uber Driver Gig App

While we already discussed Driverly Reactivation Services, there are many steps you can take yourself to get reactivated. In this article, we will go over several options you can do to get your account restored. Luckily, if you've been deactivated, there are several methods you can take to get your account reactivated. In fact, many drivers who have been deactivated have successfully gotten their account restored, so you are in luck if you've been deactivated. The most common way to get reactivated is speaking with a representative regarding your account. If you do have evidence supporting your case, you have a great chance. However, if you have clearly violated Uber's terms of service, such as doing something illegal, you may be out of luck.

  1. Understand why you were deactivated by Uber. If you understand the reason why you were deactivated this is going to help tremendously. You need to gather as much information about why you were deactivated. You also should get an idea if you did indeed violate the terms of services or if a passenger falsely reported you.

  2. Head to the Uber Greenlight Hub - Uber has in person offices that drivers can go to for support. Here is a list of Uber Greenlight locations.

  3. Contact Customer Support - go into the Uber driver or Uber passenger app and speak with someone on the phone or through the messages function.

  4. Use Driverly Membership Services. Driverly is a company that provides services to gig drivers. They provide drivers with exclusive content, driver education, ways to earn more, tax prep services, and services to help drivers get reactivated. While this isn't a guaranteed way of getting reactivated, it has helped many in the past.

Now that you're reactivated, make sure to check out these tips to earn more money. Shoutout to Tony Gonzalez Vlogs on YouTube!

Wish you the best of luck!


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