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How To Get Your Uber Driver Account Restored After Deactivation

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

How To Get Your Uber Driver Account Restored After Deactivation

Uber launched in early 2010, revolutionizing the taxi industry, and since then went on to become what is now the biggest cab hailing service globally with $17.4 billion in revenue generation last year (2021) and about 3.5 million drivers registered on the app. If you are one of these drivers and want to understand how or why you may get deactivated and then how to reactivate your account then this article has everything you may need!

Firstly, one of the newer and better ways Uber drivers, Lyft drivers, and gig workers are getting their accounts reactivated is through the Driverly Premium services. Driverly Premium members get access to many features including driver education, tax prep help, tips for earning more, and reactivation services if they ever get deactivated from one of the major gig apps. Driverly works with the deactivated driver and the respective gig company to help get a driver's account restored. While this isn't 100% guaranteed, many deactivated drivers have found success through this method. Driverly has experience helping hundreds of drivers who have been deactivated, so the team understands the process very well. If you're interested in checking out what Driverly has to offer, and if they may be able to help you, you can signup for a Driverly Premium Membership and reach out to them.

There are a number of practices you would need to avoid that result in drivers getting deactivated from Uber. If you are already deactivated it is likely to be due to one of the following reasons:

  1. Incorrect or expired documents - You may be deactivated right at the beginning if the documents that you submitted such as your driving license, car insurance, and vehicle inspection are missing, expired or close to expiry.

  2. False information regarding vehicle or driver - You will be deactivated if Uber finds out that you provided incorrect information about yourself or your vehicle. Just make sure all your personal information is accurate and your car’s details such as the model and registration are correct and no other car is used on the account without informing Uber

  3. Selfie check - The app might also randomly ask the driver to take a selfie to confirm their identity and might decide to deactivate your account if it believes it does not resemble your profile picture. This is because Uber strongly discourages sharing or lending of driver accounts for the sake of passenger safety

  4. Inactivity – Your account can be automatically suspended by Uber if you have not been online for 3 months or 90 days in a row

  5. Passenger complaint – A customer may report you for reckless driving or having a companion with you while on-duty as it may make them feel unsafe or just uncomfortable. As a driver you are also not allowed to make unnecessary contact with the customer once the ride is over and can be reported for it. More serious passenger complaints can be that of sexual harassment or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in which case you will be facing legal action and it would be extremely difficult to get your account back

  6. Customer rating and cancellation - An average customer rating of 4.5 or less over a prolonged period and Uber will send you a warning and you will be placed under ‘quality review’ and may be deactivated if ratings don’t improve overtime. Likewise, cancel too many rides and you will find your account deactivated

  7. Fraud and violation of Uber Terms of Service – Fraudulent activities such as creating fake or multiple accounts and maliciously increasing the time and distance of a trip or violating any other Uber terms and conditions will result in deactivation. You can find detailed Uber policies in this regard here ( Now if you have been deactivated for any of these reasons, you would want to get your account activated as soon as possible so you can get back to work. The first step in doing so would be finding out the exact reason as to why you were deactivated. Now usually you would get a pop up or notification on the app as to why your account is being deactivated by Uber.

  8. Expired or incorrect documents – This is probably one of the easiest deactivations to deal with as the app will display a message saying “your documents require attention” and all you really need to do is simply tap on the message, see what are the documents that are expired or invalid and update them by uploading the renewed or correct ones. Just doing this should have you up and running again. If, however, the process of verification is taking too much time or you need a more instant reactivation you should call the Uber customer support after uploading the document and a customer service representative should be able to check and verify the documents for you right on the call

  9. Inactivity – Uber are very welcoming when it comes to previous drivers joining again. If you were inactive for 3 months and your account was deactivated all you need to do is go on this link ( request?nodeId=851a1927-f9f4-46b5-9ede-362cdb2145be) fill out a short form and get started again. After doing so first of all make sure that all your information and documents are up-to- date. If however your account was originally activated over a year ago Uber will ask you to go through a re-verification process

  10. Low Customer Ratings – If your account was deactivated due to consistently low customer star ratings Uber actually offers a “Ratings Quality Improvement Course”. This course costs $65 according to a driver who took it in August 2022 and is crafted to help Uber drivers work on their customer service and improve their driving skills. Once you complete the course you will receive a certificate which can be uploaded to and search for the ‘reactivate’ option. There is however a downside to this as even though Uber will reactivate your account, this same driver who took the course in August 2022 complained on an online platform that their account was permanently banned in 2 days of reactivation due to ‘’low ratings’’ and they had to move to a different cab platform.

There are some cases where the chances of you getting reactivated are very difficult. If you violated the terms of service, the gig app may not help you. These include cases where the driver may have threatened the safety of the passenger, committed fraud or gone grossly against company terms and conditions. If the deactivation is due to a critical customer complaint such as that of harassment then the account is also good as gone. However, if you believe you did nothing wrong, then there is hope!

If you are deactivated for reasons other than those mentioned above then your best bet would be to contact Uber in-app, through social media or web ( and request them to be reactivated after explaining the problem. Alternately you can call their helpline or visit their office. You can go to a Uber Greenlight Hub, call Uber support, reach out through social media, etc. Make sure to get your point across clearly and politely because it is up to them to reactivate your account in many cases including those of customer accusations and if they decide to ‘permanently block’ your account there is no going back from it.

This is pretty much all you need to know about deactivated Uber driver accounts and how to reactivate them. Lastly, a shout out to all our talented Uber drivers who always get us where we have to be!

Remember... Driverly helps drivers who have been deactivated. Driverly is committed to doing everything they can to help drivers who have been wrongfully deactivated. If you'd like to see if you qualify, check out the Signup Now section on the Driverly website.

So, with that being said... good luck, best wishes, and stay safe out there!


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