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How to Make an Official Doordash Appeal if Your Driver Account Gets Deactivated

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Doordash, an American food delivery company founded on January 12, 2013, has become fairly popular nowadays. With many drivers and users using it for ordering and delivering the ordered food, Doordash is now one of the most famous Food delivery Apps, along with Lyft or UberEats, as it is quite convenient to get Takeaway food without getting out of the comforts of your home.

Considering the huge uplift in food delivering apps like Doordash’s users since the Lockdown times, it can certainly be quite frustrating to have your Doordash Driver account deactivated, especially when it puts bread and butter on your table. But don't worry, as there is certainly a way to appeal against your Doordash Driver account deactivation.

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Why was your Doordash Driver Account deactivated?

There can be a lot of reasons behind your Doordash Driver Account getting deactivated. Such as

  1. Violating Doordash Contractor Agreement

  2. Ratings from customers lower than 4.2

  3. Below 80% Completion Rate

  4. Continuous Late Deliveries

  5. Abusing Red card

  6. Disclosing customer or restaurant worker’s personal information

  7. Inappropriate contact with customers or workers

And many more...

No matter what the reason behind your Doordash Driver account getting deactivated was, you can always appeal against your account deactivation, as Doordash has allowed the deactivated users to file an appeal against their account deactivation.

So Stick around and find out how you can appeal against your Doordash Driver account deactivation.

How to tell your Doordash account has been deactivated?

Obviously, you can only file an appeal if your Doordash driver account has actually been deactivated, and It is pretty easy to tell whether your driver account was deactivated or not.

When Doordash deactivates your account, it will let you know either by an in-App notification like this or by sending you an email.

How to File an Official Appeal?

Unlike many other food delivery apps, Doordash has allowed its users to Request an official Appeal against their Driver Account Deactivation.

Making an official appeal against your Doordash account deactivation is not a difficult thing and can be done either by clicking the Request Review option or by going to the Doordash website and submitting the form to file an appeal.

So here is a step-by-step tutorial just for you on how to make an official Doordash appeal if your driver account has been deactivated.

STEP 1: Going to the Doordash website

The first thing you will need to do is to go to the Doordash website to file an appeal against your account deactivation by clicking this link or searching “official appeal against Doordash driver account deactivation."

STEP 2: Opening the appeal form

After you have gone to the Doordash website, you will need to open the appeal form by clicking the link given on the page or by clicking “this form” written on the page in case you don’t see any link.

STEP 3: Selecting a language

After you have clicked the link to open the appeal form, the page will display a list of languages to select from.

Select your desired language (English, in this case).

STEP 4: Selecting reason and giving email

The page will now ask you to select the reason for account deactivation and also to type in your email.

Select the reason behind your account deactivation from the list and type the email address you have used to register yourself as a Doordash driver. Any other email will cause the appeal to be rejected.

STEP 5: Filling the Appeal Form

After you have typed in your Doordash account email address and selected the reason behind your account deactivation, click submit.

Doing so will show you a form.

Type in your name, address, and contact number.

Now you will need to provide evidence to support your reactivation request by typing and uploading media files as well.

Keep in mind to be as accurate and concise as possible, support your appeal by providing the evidence in the form of screenshots or videos you have.

Also, include the hidden dashboard camera video if you have one installed on your vehicle.

However, it must be noted that Doordash does not accept any appeal if there are certain reasons behind your Driver account deactivation like “Customer ratings lower than the minimum threshold required by Doordash’ or “Completion Rate below the minimum threshold required by Doordash."

The reason behind this given by Doordash is that things like Low Completion Rate or Low Customer Rating cannot be disputed.

This is certainly true, and if that was the case for you, you could try making a new Doordash account with a new email and contact number.

Or you can try riding for other food delivery apps like Lyft or UberEats.


Doordash is one of the most popular food delivery apps, and a lot of people have been driving for Doordash either as a side hustle or even as their main source of earning.

Considering this, it can certainly be quite frustrating to have your Doordash Driver account deactivated. But don't worry, as there is still an option to officially submit an appeal against your Doordash Driving account being deactivated by Doordash.

And in this article, there is a step-by-step tutorial on how to do so. Provide evidence to support your claim and submit the application.

Driverly is always available if you want them to take care of the appeal process for you. Signing up for a Driverly Premium Membership gives you access to their reactivation services where they can do the best they can to get your account back.


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