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How To Submit a Reactivation Appeal to Uber if Your Driver Account Gets Deactivated

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Has a minor rock chip in your windshield caused Uber to suspend your account? What happens to paperwork that has expired by a day? Or much worse, disabled without any explanation?

The aforementioned are all real-world examples of why some drivers have been banned from uber service. What is a driver to do in such a situation?

What follows is a rundown of the most prevalent causes of deactivation, as well as information on how to get back on the site if you've already been removed.

At any moment, and for any reason, Uber might terminate your Partner account. It is possible to contact Uber if you believe your driver account was mistakenly suspended or terminated.

There is almost little chance that you will be allowed to return to driving for Uber if you are involved in a really significant or dangerous event.

If the event was very minor, though, you can file an appeal with Uber directly.

Make a Complaint to the Company

The first step is to check your inbox for any messages from Uber or any other platforms and answer as instructed. If you receive an email and are instructed to reply or create a support ticket, do so.

If you were deactivated and haven't heard anything further about it, try contacting support using the app's Help section.

If that fails, visit the Hub in your area and ask to talk to someone in person. Talking to someone face to face is not only more convenient, but it also typically results in a quicker resolution, saving the customer time and energy.

Even more so if you are a driver in Seattle. The city of Seattle has taken steps to improve the driving experience, such as establishing a Driver Resolution Center that provides you with free services to assist you to challenge unjust deactivations.

Use Online Networks

Whenever someone has a negative encounter with a large corporation and mentions the company on Twitter or another social media site, the company's Help account usually responds and asks for further details.

In spite of popular belief, corporations are often willing to assist customers who have "put them on blast" on social media. Do not be harsh or insulting (this is not what I encourage), but just explain what occurred and tag the company to see how they react.

The next step is to send a direct message to the Help account with your name and a detailed report of the event. If you email the Help account, you should hear back from someone within 48 hours.

Sign up for Driverly

Driverly will help you get your account reactivated. If you don't want to deal with the headache of writing an appeal and contacting driver support, Driverly will do it for you. You need to sign up for a Driverly Premium Membership to gain exclusive access to their reactivation services. All you have to do after that is send in some information and the rest is taken care of on your behalf.

Consult a lawyer

If all your efforts through the app, in-person, and social media have failed, you may choose to see a legal professional.

The SmithMarco, P.C. team has recovered thousands of dollars for drivers who have been wrongfully deactivated, according to Larry Smith, managing partner at SmithMarco, P.C., who aids drivers who have been unfairly deactivated.

While this may sound extreme, it is really rather normal for some deactivations.


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