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How to Submit an Official Deactivation Appeal for Doordash Drivers

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

How to Submit an Official Deactivation Appeal for Doordash Drivers

Before we get into how to officially submit a Deactivation Appeal for your Doordash account, let's get into reasons why some people get their account banned in the first place.

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Why DoorDash Drivers Get Deactivated

1. Ratings

Doordash requires its drivers to maintain at least a 4.2 Consumer Rating. If your rating drops below 4.2, your account is eligible for deactivation.

You Completion rate also needs to stay above 80% or you can be subject to deactivation.

New Doordash delivery drivers don't need to worry about their ratings until they have done at least 20 deliveries with the app.

2. Customer Service

Having great customer service is key if you want to keep working for Doordash. You need to be respectful, polite and professional to everybody that you encounter while you work.

The customer is not the only person that contact Doordash in regards to your customer service. Any employees or other people that you interact with can also reach out to Doordash with complaints.

Any serious complaints that are made could result in your deactivation.

3. Accepting Orders

You may be wondering if you can get deactivated because of your acceptance percentage. Doordash actually will not ban you based on having a low acceptance rating.

It is important to take as many deliveries as you can because the better your acceptance rating, the better chances you have at getting the higher paying orders.

4. Canceling Orders

Since you already get the luxury of deciding what deliveries you want to accept, Doordash does have penalties if you cannot finish the orders you do decide to do.

You will get deactivated if you can not maintain a 80% completion rate with your orders.

If you unsure that you are able to complete and order, just don't accept it. It is not worth getting a delivery because it has a higher pay but then realizing you cannot finish the order.

5. Safety

Safety as a driver refers to many different aspects of the job. Any violation of these areas can get your account deactivated.

- it is prohibited to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. You also cannot

have any open containers of alcohol in your car while you are on the job

Personal Information

- you cannot share any personal information to you customers. You also can't share

the personal information of your customers anywhere


- Doordash has zero tolerance against any accusations of discrimination. If you

want to take a closer look at their Discrimination an Harassment Policies, we

recommend you looking at the Doordash official website

Inappropriate Behavior

- any form of phsyical or verbal abuse or assualt will be subject to immediate and

possibly permanent deactivation

Unsafe Driving

- your passengers can write a complaint if they witness you not following any traffic

laws or if your driving makes them feel unsafe. Any violations you get on your

driving record could also affect the status of your Doordash account

Background Check

- it is common for new drivers to get banned because they accidentally submit the

wrong documents or they show expired documents

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Now that we have gone over how your account can get banned, let's jump into what to do in case you do get deactivated. Here is how to get reactivated to DoorDash for DoorDash drivers. Want to get your DoorDash driver account restored? Here's how!

How To Get Your DoorDash Driver Account Reactivated and Restored

Firstly, if you haven't signed up for a Driverly account yet, you may want to. Being a Driverly member gives you access to driver discounts, exclusive content, new driver education, and they will help you if you've been deactivated. Signup for a Driverly membership here.

If you find yourself unable to access your account and it's not because you forgot your password, then chances are your account was deactivated.

When Doordash deactivates your account, they will normally send you an email that has the next steps you can take to file an appeal. Doordash states that appeals are only for those who were involved in violations with the Independent Contractor Agreement. If your account was banned because of reasons such as low ratings or cancelling orders, then it may be more difficult to get your account back.

You will need to then gather information for your appeal letter. You will want to make it as easy as you can for their customer service to find your account because they get hundreds of appeal requests every day. Make sure you include your legal name, email you use for DoorDash and your phone number.

Thank you for reading this article about how to get reactivated with DoorDash, and again, if you're interested in signing up for a Driverly Premium membership to get you the help you need, check out our website for more information at

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