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How to Submit an Official Uber Driver Deactivation Appeal for Uber & UberEats

Deactivated by Uber or Uber Eats? Let's discuss how to get reactivated and why you might have been deactivated. In this blog article, we will be discussing how to submit an official deactivation appeal form for Uber & Uber Eats to get reactivated. This is for drivers who feel they have been wrongfully terminated.

You have just gotten deactivated. You have just lost the job that you relied on for your main source of income. You are confused, upset and are wondering what to do next. Thankfully there is a silver lining in your situation because Uber allows you to appeal your deactivation.

Also good to note, is that Driverly offers Reactivation Services to gig workers, so they will write a letter to Uber or the gig app of your choice when you signup for a Driverly Premium Membership. While this isn't guaranteed, this method has worked for many gig drivers so far.

Appealing your case can seem stressful because you could have just one chance to convince Uber that you deserve to have your account back. This can be especially difficult if you don't even know why you got deactivated in the first place.

Well luckily we are here to help guide you through your appeal process!

Step 1: Find the cause of your deactivation

This is an important first step in your appeal. It is possible to still appeal without knowing the exact reason why you were deactivated but having a reason could make your journey a lot easier.

For a lot of you, you probably found out your account was deactivated when you were unable to log into your Uber app. Hopefully, the context of the message you got when you could not access your account can help you determine the cause.

For example, if you got a message saying "There are a few steps for you to complete," then you probably just need to submit missing documents.

You can also try contacting customer support to find out exactly why you were deactivated. Usually once you get a hold of someone, they will be able to tell you the reason.

If they are still unable to tell you any new information, you can look at possbile Uber deactivation causes to narrow down incidents that you might have gone through.

Some ways your account could have been deactivated include:

- low ratings

- customer complaints

- rejecting a service animal

- driving under the influence

- discriminatory remarks

- expired documents

- unsafe driving

Once you have your reason for deactivation you can move on to the next step! If you still do not know why your account was banned, that is okay, you can also continue forward!

Step 2: See if you're eligible to make an appeal

Whether you are able to make an appeal is determined by where you live.

For example, Uber is required to let drivers in California file an appeal under Proposition 22 if your account is permanently deactivated.

Step 3: Construct you appeal letter

What you put in your appeal letter can determine whether you get your account back or not. Here are our tips on writing an effective appeal:

Be articulate.

Sound as professional as you can. Try not to use any slang words.

Be polite.

Even though you may be angry at the situation you are in, it is crucial to be polite and respectful. If you sound rude or annoyed over the letter, Uber might assume that you treat your customers the same way.

Stay on topic.

Uber receives at least hundreds of appeals a day. If you are not on topic, it could cause whoever is reviewing your account to get bored and move on. Tell your story in chronological order and try to be as straight forward as possible.

Use facts.

Stick to the facts of whatever happened.

Be remorseful.

It can be helpful to acknowledge your wrong doing your appeal and sincerely apologize. Uber could be more tempted to give you another chance if you sound like you have learned from your mistake.

Step 4: Send your letter

Once you get deactivated, you should receive an email from Uber that contains how to get the process started in reviewing their decision. You might also get this message on your Uber app.

Requesting to have the decision reviewed is the same as appealing the deactivation.

Here is the form link to submit your letter to Uber: Uber Driver Deactivation Appeal Form

Here is the link to sign up for Driverly Premium which offers reactivation services along with other perks and services of being a member!

Step 5: Wait

This can be the toughest part of the process. Once you send your appeal letter, you should get a confirmation that it was received.

If you do not get any sort of confirmation, you should resend your appeal until you do get the confirmation email.

Once you receive that notice, from there it's a waiting game. There are cases where replies only take weeks and other instances it can take months to get a reply.

The fact that it can take months to get a reply shows how much importance is placed on your appeal. If you are missing information or if something needs to be clarified, it can take a long time to get a final appeal decision.

The steps above does not guarantee your account getting back but we hope that we were at least able to help make your appeal process a bit easier!

Lastly, a quick reminder, is that Driverly Premium helps gig workers get reactivated, and while it isn't 100% guaranteed, it has worked so far for many gig drivers!


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