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How to Submit an Official Lyft Driver Deactivation Appeal To Get Reactivated

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

How to Submit an Official Lyft Driver Deactivation Appeal To Get Reactivated

Being deactivated by Lyft could be really disheartening for any driver. And it can be extra unpleasant if you get shut off without any valid reason. We understand your situation and that is why we have not only come up with the solutions to this problem but also we have found out the reasons why it occurs. Hence If you get deactivated do not worry we got your back. So without any delay let's dive into the article to find out more about this dilemma.

First and foremost, we should mention that Driverly helps drivers with the reactivation process. If you ever find yourself needing help, you can signup for a Driverly Premium membership where you get access to driver training, tips and tricks for earning more, and reactivation services. While this isn't fully guaranteed, Driverly has helped many gig workers get reactivated already. With a Driverly Premium Membership, drivers get access to their reactivation services. They will take care of the whole process for you and carefully craft the appeal letter to help you get your account back.

How to Submit an Official Lyft Driver Deactivation Appeal To Get Reactivated

Common Reasons Why One Gets Deactivated

We came up with the most repeated pattern of reasons for Lyft deactivation.

Here is the list.

1. Out Dated Documents

A common mistake that some drivers make is that they do not keep a check on their official documents like their driving License.

The expiration of this kind of document can cause temporary suspension of your account. So if you get deactivated do not panic and check your documentation first.

2. Annual Background Checks

Lyft keeps a regular check on its driver's background just like any other driving company. And in these kinds of analyses sometimes some IDs get exchanged mistakenly and as a result, your account gets suspended in case of sharing a similar name or any information with the real culprit.

3. Negative Passengers Feedback

We all are human beings who are not perfect. Your passengers are no exception. If you get fortunate enough you find passengers who are a blessing.

But sometimes they turn out to be the total opposite who want free rides or any sort of free benefit from you. And when you deny they fake report you.

So if you face this type of unjust challenge make sure to take a stand for yourself and elaborate the whole situation to the company.

How You Can Submit an official Deactivation Appeal

There are two ways you can submit an official deactivation appeal. But bear in mind this only works in case you have been deactivated unfairly.

Be Confident and Be Persistent

First of all, check how your company have asked you to clarify the situation. If they said to email them, then email them and if they asked you to show up in a local Lyft hub then surely do that.

And in case you have not been informed or asked to do anything then do it yourself.

Contact their customer support, Be consistent in your plea. If there is a Lyft office in your area or in a nearby town visit that and tell them the whole situation.

Take Legal Help

If any of the above-suggested ways do not work then knock on a lawyer's door. Do not just let your job go so easily after all it is your bread and butter and you have worked hard for it.

As a suggestion Larry Smith, a managing partner at Smith Marco, P.C is a lawyer who fights for the innocent drivers who have been deactivated unjustly.

In a Nutshell

At times drivers get deactivated from Lyft but that does not mean they can not get reactivated. There are a few reasons which could be avoided to prevent such issues but if one gets deactivated then they could take help from the company's Customer support or Legal assistance.

In the event that your Lyft or gig driver account gets deactivated, Driverly has an amazing reactivation service that can help you regain access to your account. Sign up for a Driverly Premium Membership to get started. While this isn't fully guaranteed, Driverly has helped many gig workers in the past with their deactivations and reactivations.

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