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Instacart Shopper Account Got Banned? Here's What To Do!

Working for a company that provides food or grocery delivery services classifies you as a free agent. Free time and the opportunity to make good money are two of the main draws of gig app jobs.

Although there are benefits to being an independent contractor, one major drawback is that you are at the mercy of your employer and may be fired at any moment. If you're acting professionally and responsibly, you probably won't have to fear Instacart cancelling your account.

Even though it's unlikely that you'll have any reason for alarm, a simple typo might result in the inadvertent deactivation of your account. We're here to answer your questions concerning the Instacart deactivation policy and the reasoning behind it since we know that errors happen.

If you do happen to get deactivated, Driverly is here to help. Drivers who have sign up for the Driverly Premium Membership get exclusive access to their reactivation services. When using these services, you may get back to earning in no time!

Disabling Instacart Policy

There are a number of reasons why you might be permanently removed from the Instacart platform. One of the most important restrictions when signing up to do jobs on this site is that you will not create multiple accounts.

You promise to safeguard the Instacart platform's security by not creating multiple accounts, keeping your personal information secure, and not disclosing it to anybody.

Reasons Why Consumer Accounts Are Disabled

Several consumers have just had their accounts deactivated by Instacart, without any notice. It seems that your Instacart account might be deactivated for no apparent reason.

Some consumers have been working hard and making a good living, only to have their accounts frozen the following day. To put it simply, violating Instacart's terms of service is the primary cause of account suspension.

All Instacart staff, not only drivers, must follow this policy while making in-store purchases. Given that most individuals don't read contracts in their entirety before clicking "accept," you may be startled by the circumstances under which Instacart might terminate your status as a driver.

1. You Ignored Their Alcohol Policy

One of Instacart's most popular functions is the ability to purchase booze and have it delivered right to the user's doorstep. Knowing and following Instacart's alcohol policy is your responsibility.

Scan the customer's ID to confirm their age before delivering or picking up any alcoholic beverages. Not complying with these guidelines is a violation of this policy, and may result in the suspension or termination of your Instacart account.

2. You Are Engaging in Dishonest Behavior

Instacart deems some actions to be fraudulent. Instacart might cancel your account if they discover you're employing a bot to get more deliveries. The agreement stipulates that you will not modify the app in any manner.

Therefore, when you try to utilize bots on the app to pick up additional gigs, you are breaking the agreement. The technology also keeps an eye out for unauthorized use of Instacart payment cards. For some orders, customers are sent a credit card in the mail.

Your Instacart account will be terminated immediately if Instacart discovers that you have used the company credit card for personal benefit.

3. You're Engaging in The Practice of "Co-Shopping”

Users often fail to notice this breach unless they have carefully studied the independent contractor agreement. Co-shopping is not permitted while on the clock with Instacart!

When you, the Instacart Shopper, take a friend or family member along with you, you are co-shopping. Anyone close to you qualifies, whether they're a friend, a kid, or a significant other. Bringing someone with you who doesn't have an Instacart account is against their co-shopping rules.

4. You're breaking the law

It is a requirement of the Instacart app that all shoppers have current auto insurance in order to make deliveries. If Instacart discovers that you either have expired insurance or no insurance at all, they will terminate your account.

The likelihood of having your Instacart account terminated increases if you commit criminal conduct while on the clock for your employer. If you have a suspended license or are at fault in an accident while on the clock for Instacart, the company has the right to terminate or suspend your account.

5. You Never Show Up for Your Performances

One of the advantages of using a gig platform is that you may choose whatever jobs you want to accept. While this is true, your cancellation rate will grow if you consistently accept jobs only to cancel them before they are finished.

An excessive number of cancelled orders may result in Instacart suspending your account.

6. You Provided the Buyer With a Receipt

You may be surprised to learn that the restrictions included in the contracts you signed prohibit you from providing the client with a receipt for the things you picked up on their behalf.

An electronic Instacart receipt will be sent to the customer, but the shopper should hold on to the paper version in case of any disputes.

This video goes over some of the worst mistakes you can make as an Instacart shopper. Check it out to learn more!

Does Your Account Need to Be Reactivated?

There's always a chance you can get your Instacart account back up and running and start shopping with your other shoppers again.

Contacting Instacart's customer support is the first action you should take if you feel your account was deleted in error or as a result of a simple mistake. There is zero tolerance for misconduct on grocery delivery services like Instacart.

There is almost little chance of being rehired if your account was terminated because of unlawful behavior such as harassment, discrimination, or abuse.

Therefore, whether or not your Instacart account is reactivated relies on the reason you were banned in the first place and whether or not the people assessing your appeal believe you should be given another opportunity.

How to Reactivate your Account?

Your first step in challenging Instacart's decision to deactivate your account should be to contact shopper support, whether you believe the deactivation was in mistake or you just don't understand the reasoning behind it.

You must provide your username and the reason you are disputing the deactivation when you contact them. You might explain in your email that you are unsure as to why Instacart cancelled your account.

According to other Instacart employees, consumers will be notified of the result within 48 hours after filing an email appealing the decision. Given the large number of account holders who are suddenly locked out, the appeals procedure might take more time than expected.

If you don't want to deal with the headache of writing an appeal and contacting Instacart yourself, Driverly has your back. Having a Driverly Premium Membership allows you to use their reactivation services so you don't have to worry about it. Be sure to sign up!

Take Away

Whether you use Instacart for in-store purchases or deliveries exclusively, being aware of the potential causes of account suspension will help you avoid embarrassing situations. Misunderstandings and mishaps may occur even if everyone plays by the book.


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