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Is Trump Running For President Good For Uber & Lyft Drivers?

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

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Well, you may have seen the news that Donald Trump is running for President. But, is he going to be bad for Uber and Lyft drivers? Or, will this be a good thing? We all know gas prices were sure a lot lower during Trump's presidency. And Joe Biden cares more about the lower class! Or does he?...

Joe Biden and the Biden administration is liberal, meaning they care about the lower class, who are usually Uber and Lyft drivers. Trump is conservative and Republican, usually richer folks. And, some data even shows that 30% of Uber drivers are actually homeowners! Wealthy folks drive Uber for extra income too!

Now, Biden introduced a labor proposal that would help Uber and Lyft drivers, and gig workers get the protections they need, but perhaps Trump would get rid of that if he did indeed become president. The labor law would make gig workers employees.

Now, one thing is for sure, is let's just hope Trump doesn't do anything crazy and also, let's make sure Trump doesn't actually get his foot in the door and ruin America.

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What do you think, is Joe Biden or Trump better representing gig workers? Some top Republicans agree that Trump shouldn't run for President. But, Biden seems to have trouble speaking lately and is eating a lot of ice cream while Trump is looking great and playing golf.

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