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Most Common Reasons Why Uber Eats Drivers Get Deactivated & How To Restore Your Account Back?

If you're an Uber Eats driver, then you know that one of the worst things that can happen is to get deactivated. When you're deactivated, it means you can no longer use the app to make money.

Obviously, this is a huge problem. But what many drivers don't know is why they might get deactivated in the first place. In this blog post, we'll take a look at some of the most common reasons Uber Eats drivers get deactivated and what you can do to try to get your account reinstated.

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Why Uber Eats Drivers Get Deactivated?

  1. Poor rating: One of the most common reasons Uber Eats drivers get deactivated is a low rating. Uber takes customer ratings very seriously, so if your rating falls below 4.6 out of 5 stars, you may be at risk of getting deactivated.

  2. Cancellations: Another reason for deactivation is if you have too many cancellations on delivery orders due to not being able to locate a customer or pick up an order from the restaurant in time.

  3. Unprofessional behavior: This can include anything from using profanity or inappropriate language with customers to showing up late for deliveries or not following delivery instructions correctly.

  4. Low acceptance rate: Uber also monitors driver's acceptance rates and if you're consistently accepting fewer orders than the average driver, you may be at risk of deactivation.

  5. Outdated documents: Finally, having outdated documents in your account can also lead to deactivation. This may include an outdated driver's license, insurance policy or vehicle registration form.

How to Get Your Account Reinstated?

If you find out that you've been deactivated by Uber Eats, don't panic – there is a chance that you can get your account back. Here are some steps to take:

  1. Contact customer service: If your account has been deactivated, the first step is to contact Uber Eats customer service and explain why it happened.

  2. Make changes: Once you understand why your account was deactivated, make sure to make any necessary changes so that it won't happen again in the future (this could include improving ratings, reducing cancellations, being more professional with customers, etc.).

  3. Reapply: Once you've made the necessary changes, reach out to Uber Eats customer service again and request to have your account reinstated.

  4. Visit your nearest Uber driver hub: It may also be helpful to visit your nearest local Uber driver hub and talk to someone in person about getting your account back.

  5. Contact Driverly: Driverly can also help with Lyft reactivation. They will handle the entire appeal process for you so you don't have to. You can gain access to Driverly's Reactivation Services by signing up to be a Driverly Premium Member.

By following these steps, there's a good chance that you'll be able to get your UberEats account back up and running in no time!

Check out this video to learn more about UberEats reactivation:


For many drivers, being deactivated by UberEats can be a stressful experience.

But by understanding why you might get deactivated and taking the necessary steps to get your account reinstated, you should find yourself back on the road again soon. If not, then it is time to look out for some other delivery services that you can use.


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