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New Way For Uber & Lyft Drivers To Get Reactivated AFTER Being Deactivated...

If you've been unfairly deactivated by Lyft, Uber, DoorDash, Instacart, Uber Eats, Amazon Flex, or any other major gig app, Driverly has you covered. Driverly specializes in gig driver reactivations so that drivers can get back on the road without the headache of dealing with driver support. Learn more at

Driverly was created as a way for gig workers to get more attention that they deserve. During the pandemic gig workers were classified as essential workers, and we truly agree with that. Gig workers however deserve better pay and better help. That's where Driverly steps in. With one on one support, driver education, and help with your deactivation, Driverly has you covered.

While reactivation through Driverly isn't guaranteed nor is it the only way drivers can get reactivated, many gig workers have been happily helped and served and able to get reinstated through this method!

Here are a list of perks and benefits that come with a Driverly Premium Membership:

- Reactivation Services for Gig Workers

- Learn Ways to Increase Your Income

- Driver Education Training

- Customer Service for Drivers

- Tax Preparation Services

- Maximize Tax Deductions

- Personal Finance Tips and Saving

- 1 on 1 Customer Support for Drivers

- Exclusive Articles and Content for Drivers

So, if you're curious to learn more about Driverly, or need help with your gig worker deactivation, head to to learn more.

Or, you can use the button below to signup for a Driverly Premium Membership.

Keep in mind, Driverly works with Uber drivers, Lyft drivers, Amazon Flex workers, DoorDash Drivers, Uber Eats workers, Instacart shoppers, and many more.


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