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Top Reasons Why Instacart Shoppers Get Deactivated & How to Get Reactivated

To work for a company that provides food or grocery delivery services implies working as a contractor. The freedom to choose one's own hours and the opportunity to make good money are two of the main draws of working via gig applications.

While there are a number of benefits to working independently, one of the main drawbacks is that you may be fired at any moment and often without cause.

If you are acting professionally and responsibly, you should not have to worry too much about Instacart deactivating your account. While it's unlikely that your account will be deactivated, a simple oversight might result in that outcome.

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Why Instacart Shopper Accounts Get Deactivated

The Instacart account may get deactivated because of the following reasons.

You disregard their alcohol guidelines.

1. You disregard their alcohol guidelines

A widely-appreciated aspect of Instacart is the convenience of having alcoholic beverages delivered to customers' doorsteps. It is your responsibility as an Instacart worker to be familiar with and abide by the company's alcohol policy.

A driver's license scan is an acceptable method of age verification when picking up and delivering alcoholic beverages. To violate this policy in such a clear and obvious way will result in immediate and permanent suspension of your Instacart account.

You are engaging in fraudulent behavior.

2. You are engaging in fraudulent behavior

Instacart might cancel your account if they discover you are employing a bot to get more deliveries. The agreement stipulates that you will not modify the app in any way; thus, when you try to utilize bots on the app to pick up additional gigs, you are in breach of the agreement.

The technology also keeps an eye out for unauthorized use of Instacart payment cards.

Some purchases may be paid for using a store credit card sent to the customer.

Your Instacart account will be terminated if they discover that you have used the company credit card for personal benefit.

3. You are disobeying a lawful order

All Instacart shoppers must be covered by auto insurance if they want to make deliveries.

Instacart has the right to cancel your service if they discover that you have expired insurance or no insurance at all.

It's likely that your Instacart account will be terminated if you commit a crime while on the clock for the company.

How to get your Account Reactivated?

Getting back in touch with the rest of the Instacart community may be as simple as reactivating your account. Accidents account for a large portion of Instacart's account suspensions.

Contacting Instacart's customer support is the first step to reactivating your account if you feel it was canceled in error or due to a simple mistake. Serious misconduct is not tolerated by grocery delivery firms like Instacart.

There is almost little chance of being rehired if your account was terminated because of illegal behavior, discrimination, or abuse.

Therefore, whether or not your Instacart account is reactivated relies on the reason you were banned in the first place and whether or not the people assessing your appeal believe you deserve another shot.

Being a Driverly member gives you access to driver discounts, exclusive content, new driver education, and they will help you if you've been deactivated. Signup for a Driverly membership here.


Whether you use Instacart for in-store purchases or deliveries exclusively, being aware of the potential causes of account suspension will help you avoid embarrassing situations.

Misunderstandings and mishaps may occur even if everyone plays by the rules. If your Instacart account is suspended, you may file an appeal or seek employment on another gig network.


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