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Uber, Lyft Drivers Go On Strike For Better Pay & Benefits

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Uber drivers on strike

Photo taken from an Uber driver protest to increase fares for drivers.

Massive protest from Uber and Lyft drivers after gig companies fail to increase driver pay rates despite record inflation.

Most companies instill an inflationary pay increase every year to keep up with the cost of goods and products.

For instance, the minimum wage goes up every year so that people can afford to live and pay their bills. To see trends and a graph with minimum wage increases, check out this minimum wage increase graph by CNN. Uber and Lyft on the other hand, instill temporary fuel surcharges, bonuses, and temporary rewards rather than increasing rates. Those gas fuel surcharges are temporary, and have since ended for drivers. Read: Uber and DoorDash have ended gas fuel surcharge bonuses. Uber and Lyft signup bonuses are nice, but often times aren't quite what they've been expected. Drivers are fed up, and are staging a protest in Tampa.

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Now, let's watch the video of drivers who are fed up and want more pay.

Do you think Uber and Lyft will respond and raise rates? Or, do you think Uber and Lyft will continue to keep rates the same despite record inflation. Uber's CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has an impressive net worth coming in at over $100 million, so it's tough to say he really relates to drivers who are facing homeless, eviction, and a slew of other financial burdens.

Maybe, just maybe, it's time for a new CEO for Uber and Lyft who actually cares about the drivers.

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