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What To Do If You Were Unfairly Deactivated By Uber or Uber Eats & How To Get Reactivated

If you've been unfairly deactivated by Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, or any major gig app, Driverly has you covered. Driverly specializes in gig driver reactivations so that drivers can get back on the road without the headache of dealing with driver support. Learn more at

After revolutionizing the cab industry, Uber set its sights on food delivery services and in 2014 launched the Uber FRESH model in California which in 2015 it was rebranded to Uber Eats and launched as a separate app from Uber. In the following year it entered European markets and then continued to expand in multiple countries like India and UAE, often acquiring or merging with the existing food delivery giants who had established customer bases there. This led to providing countless jobs and earning opportunities and a large number of individuals signed up as delivery.

If you need help with your deactivation, Driverly may be the answer for you. Driverly assists gig workers who have been deactivated by the platforms so that they can begin working again. While this isn't fully guaranteed, we have found that this method has worked for many gig workers so far. If you'd like to sign up for a Driverly Premium membership, you can head to the Signup Now section of the Driverly site, at

Uber lets you choose your own hours as per convenience and you can either make it a part time side hustle or get in on it full-time. You can sign up and start earning using your own car, scooter, or even a bicycle and for near distances you can deliver on-foot as well. To deliver on foot or on a bicycle you just need to be 18 years of age or older and have a valid government issued ID while to register for delivery using a scooter or car you need to be at least 19 years old with a government issued ID card and a valid driving license. Alternately if you already work in Uber as a cab driver you can just go to Account in the Driver app menu then select Work Hub and select Deliver food with Uber Eats. Once reviewed you can turn the food delivery requests on and off as you wish. You can sign up immediately here:

Now once you have signed up you would want to make sure your account is maintained, has positive reviews and remains active and running. However you may face a situation where your Uber Eats account gets deactivated and for that there is no reason to worry. All we need to do is figure out for what reason was it deactivated then solve that problem so the account is back up and running at the earliest. Now there are multiple reasons why and Uber Eats Deliver Driver account is deactivated by the company so we will be discussing some of the most common ones:

Registration and Documentation: Firstly, while making an account you need to make sure that the documents you upload are up to date and not closing in on expiry. This includes your government issued ID if you are using a bicycle and the ID as well as the driving license if you are using a scooter or car to deliver food. All you need to do in these cases is tap on the error message see which documents are missing, incorrect or nearing expiry/expired and simply re-upload the correct or updated ones and once those are verified by the app you should be good to go. Your account might also get deactivated later on when one of these documents expire and all you will have to do is re-upload the renewed one.

Inactivity: As is the case with Uber drivers, Uber Eats drivers and riders will also have their account deactivated if they have not been active on the service for more than 90 days. In which case you can simply get it reactivated from this link ( you will just have to fill out a short form and the account will be active again. Make sure to check if any documents you previously submitted need to be updated and if the account was last active over one year ago you will also have to go through a re-verification process.

Driving Behaviors: An Uber Eats account may be deactivated, at the discretion of the company, if the delivery driver is reported for traffic violations, impaired or drowsy driving, driving recklessly, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or causing property damage. If this deactivation is temporary you will have to wait it out before you start delivering again, if however the offense led to a permanent deactivation all you can do is get in touch with Uber through call, email or visit their office and appeal your case.

Conduct with the Customer: Your account will be deactivated if a customer reports you for behavioral misconduct. There are several reasons for which a customer may report you which include:

  1. Your actions, gestures, language or tone was considered to be threatening, inappropriate or disrespectful to the customer

  2. Any sort of sexual harassment towards the customer whether verbally or through gestures and actions

  3. Yelling at or arguing with a customer

  4. Physically assaulting a customer or harming them or their property

  5. Refusing or cancelling a delivery to a customer because of their delivery location without consulting Uber

  6. Discriminating or making offensive remarks on the basis of race, color, gender identity, disability, marital status, national origin, age, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected under relevant law

In these cases it is extremely difficult to get your account back and it is possible that the customer also takes legal action on you so whether you get your account back or not may depend upon the results of those legal proceedings.

Customer Ratings: An account may get suspended if the average delivery rating is below the set minimum of the company for a prolonged period. In this case the delivery driver will get a warning through email or in-app notification in advance along with tips to improve their rating and the only way to avoid this is to follow the tips given and be polite, understanding, and communicative towards the customer in order to get your ratings back up.

Cancellation, Food Theft and Time on-trip Fraud: There are certain specific practices that a delivery person should most definitely avoid doing on purpose as they are not only unethical and an inconvenience for the customer but also on most occasions will lead to your account being deactivated. These include:

  1. Accepting an order and then not delivering it (Delivery person can choose not to accept it but has to deliver once accepted)

  2. Not checking for delivery details left by the customer in notes or attempting to communicate with them through the app

  3. Picking up an order and not delivering it to the customer (If there is a specific reason as to why the driver could not make it they should inform the Uber helpline)

  4. Marking a trip as ‘delivered’ without reaching the customer’s location and delivering the order

  5. On multiple occasion taking delayed trips than the estimate provided by the GPS suggesting intent to defraud Uber’s trip calculator of the journey to deliver the food

The deactivation due to any of these reasons is usually temporary so you will just have to wait it out but if it’s permanent you will have to get in touch with Uber and plead your case

If the Uber Eats account is deactivated due to reasons not mentioned above, you will have to contact Uber in-app, through social-media or their website (, explain the problem to them and hope to come to a rapid solution.

Again, just a reminder, if you'd like help from Driverly with your deactivation, you can learn more by heading to the website at


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