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Why Are So Many Instacart Shoppers Getting Deactivated?

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Due to rampant inflation, rising living costs, and the increase in price of the average meal, many people are looking for gig work for extra income. Living is expensive, so why not?

Instacart, like many other gig apps, hire workers as independent contractors, not employees. Because of this worker relationship, many gig apps are free to deactivate their contract workers at any given moment. Many times it's because of a simple misunderstanding, too many bad ratings, or too many complaints by customers.

Keep in mind, Driverly helps gig workers who have been deactivated unfairly. Head to the Signup Now section of the Driverly site to see the list of services offered through the Driverly Premium membership.

Did your Instacart shopper account gotten deactivated? Or a different gig app? Are you wondering why? Are you hurt because this was your only source of earning? Don’t know what to do next? To get answers to all these questions, keep reading this article.

Why Are So Many Instacart Shoppers Getting Deactivated?

What does deactivation mean? (Temporary vs. Permanent)

Deactivation of your Instacart shopper account means that you can no more be a part of their community and you can no longer work or earn from them. It’s a termination which can be temporary or permanent. If it’s temporary, you can easily get back to it by knowing the exact reasons behind it and signing for appeal.

If your account happens to get deactivated, signing up for a Driverly Premium Membership can help. Driverly has great reactivation services for members so they can try to get their account back. Driverly also helps members with tax prep, tips to earn more, and new driver education.

Common Reasons Why Gig Deactivations Occur

Instacart has been on a hiring spree lately and with all of these new shoppers hired that means Instacart has more wiggle room to deactivate shoppers that aren’t doing are supposed to do. They can essentially deactivate a shopper because they know there will be hundreds more who will signup the same day.

The following are the main reasons why your account may get deactivated:

1. Giving the customers the receipts:

The reason behind it that is one of the biggest scams going around for Instacart customers to commit is to get that receipt and then go back to the store and say that they want to refund the items. They, then go to Instacart and say that the order never got delivered.

To help cut down a fraud like this, it’s important not to give the receipt. You’re supposed to take the picture of it in the app and then get rid of that receipt.

2. Having too high cancellation rate:

This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make as an Instacart shopper. If you decide to cancel the order for any reason, that’s going to hurt the customer’s experience using the Instacart app.

As a shopper, it should be your priority that the customer has a good experience. Customer service is a part of your job. If you have any emergency let the customer know. Take the time to let support know. Another way to avoid getting yourself into these situations is to take time to figure out which batches should you take.

Why Are So Many Instacart Shoppers Getting Deactivated?

3. Low Rating

Since Instacart allows the customer to rate their experience and the person delivering the order, the shopper must maintain it. The rating can be between one and five stars. A low rating can be a significant reason for your deactivation.

To get the best stars, be on time, be good to customers, avoid cancellation and do what pleases the customer. It will benefit you in every way. Or else Instacart will deactivate you because it can destroy the company’s reputation.

4. Not following alcohol delivery guidelines

Since Instacart allows you to deliver the alcohol when you’re a certified driver, it’s your responsibility to deliver it correctly or else you’ll get deactivated.

To avoid this, check the ID information carefully and do not deliver it to people who are intoxicated. I know it’s understandable that you cannot know if the other person is high on drinking or not, but it is what it is.

Other reasons:

  • Rude or unprofessional behaviour

  • Trying cheating Instacart in any way

  • Fabricating

  • Endangering food security

  • Inappropriate medication delivery

  • Being late to a job

  • Not being regular

To avoid deactivation, avoid the above mistakes or else it’ll hurt your income! We recommend signing up for other gig apps while you try to get your account reactivated so you can continue to earn in the meantime. Signing up for a Driverly Premium Membership will give you access to their reactivation services where they will handle the process for you. This will give you more time to keep earning on other platforms.


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