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Why UberEats Drivers Get Deactivated and How They Can Get Reactivated: Step By Step

When you go into the UberEats driver app and find that you're no longer able to accept deliveries, your account has been deactivated. Simply said, it's the same as being fired from Uber and losing access to the app, rendering any potential side income impossible.

Now, you should check the UberEats app and your inbox for warning emails since the company says it attempts to offer advanced notice if you're in danger of deactivation. However, there are situations in which UberEats will suddenly disable your account, making this driving profession impossible.

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Now, let's discuss why your Uber Eats driver account may have been deactivated.

Reasons Your UberEats Account Was Disabled

UberEats might be a terrific way to make some extra cash on the side. However, if you make any of these typical errors, you risk having your driver account disabled.

1. Consistently High Cancellation Rate

Extremely high cancellation rates are a major contributor to UberEats' deactivation.

When it comes to UberEats, there are two primary indicators besides your driver rating:

  • Acceptance Rate: The number of food delivery orders that you, as a courier, agree to take.

  • Cancellation Rate: The number of orders for food delivery that you don't end up delivering.

On UberEats, your acceptance rate is irrelevant, and you shouldn't waste your time with orders that pay little. If your cancellation rate is too high, though, UberEats may delete your account.

2. Being Constantly Late

Consistent delay is another dealbreaker for UberEats, which can lead to a driver being deactivated.

There is basically no way for gig economy drivers to avoid this danger, as it is a regular cause for disabling services like DoorDash and Instacart Shopper.

In general, make it a point to always be punctual. I know it's easier said than done, but if you want to make more money per hour, have satisfied customers, and keep UberEats pleased, you need to make sure your deliveries are prompt.

3. Disobeying The Rules For UberEats Drivers

UberEats may provide advance notice of account suspension.

If you breach the terms of service for UberEats drivers, however, you should expect to be immediately and permanently suspended from driving for the company.

In a nutshell, if you do something harmful, or unlawful, or that puts clients in danger, UberEats will permanently terminate your account.

4. Manipulating the Food

You can't really disagree with this straightforward justification for turning off UberEats.

Do not consume another passenger's food or tamper with their food in any way, since this will result in you being removed from the train.

5. Fraud

If a user is found to have used their UberEats account fraudulently, their account will be disabled. This can also take several shapes.

It is legal fraud to use a stolen credit card or to let someone else use your car insurance and registration.

It is also against the guidelines to refer oneself or engage in any other form of cheating with the referral program.

6. Using More Than One UberEats Account

Not many drivers have to worry about this, but it's still interesting that this is a reason UberEats accounts might be deactivated.

While it may be tempting, having several UberEats accounts is strictly forbidden.

If you've started an application before but put it on hold, you may be able to resume it and finish it from where you left off by logging in to your account.

If you want to become a better UberEats driver, check out this video to help you earn more as an UberEats driver and hopefully avoid getting deactivated.

Activating Your Rider Account Again

Check Your Inbox And Respond To The Deactivation Request

If your UberEats account is about to be disabled, you will get a warning email.

UberEats will often give you plenty of warning before canceling an order, giving you plenty of time to make any necessary adjustments.

If you're an UberEats driver, it's imperative that you keep an eye on the app and your inbox for warnings that your account is about to be deactivated.

This is the most effective approach to avoid being permanently removed from the app due to incessantly poor performance, so take the initiative!

However, if you want to learn more about your options and how to get your UberEats account back online, you may always contact the company's support staff by replying to the deactivation email.

Contact the Uber Support Team

After finding out that your account has been disabled, you'll likely want to restore it as quickly as possible.

Know that Uber can suspend or terminate your account for almost any cause, but that you can still file a formal appeal.

Just as with driver deactivations, your chances of using Uber again after dealing with a major, violent, or hazardous occurrence are low.

You can contact Uber to appeal their judgment if your situation isn't dire. Account deactivation appeals are not as simple as driver appeals.

Drivers who disagree with the decision to deactivate their accounts can do so using a dedicated online form. However, if you disagree with their choice of riders, you will need to get in touch with support.

In addition to our detailed Uber customer service guide, which you can access by clicking here, we've provided their contact details down below.

  • Phone number: (800) 593-7069

  • Email support:

  • Help portal:

As soon as they've heard your side of the story, they'll let you know if your account can be restored to active status.

If you're still not allowed to use the service, it might be time to look into alternatives like Lyft.

Stop Using UberEats And Try These Other Services

Using a food delivery service like UberEats is a great way to earn some extra cash on the side.

While you figure out how to deal with being deactivated, there are plenty of alternative food delivery jobs you may apply for in the meanwhile.

Use Driverly

When you become a Driverly member, you gain exclusive access to many resources that can help you with rideshare and delivery driving, including reactivation services. They will take care of the appeal process for you. While it isn't fully guaranteed for reactivation, this process has helped many in the past. Be sure to sign up now if you need help!


If you're following Uber's guidelines and utilizing the service as intended, you shouldn't ever have to worry about having your account suspended.

However, we are aware that accidents can and do occur. So if you're ever in a pinch, don't hesitate to call Uber and explain your situation. You should be able to get back on the road quickly if the problem isn't too significant.


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