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You Can Now Order a Party Bus With Uber

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

does uber have party buses

Have you ever wanted to book a party bus for you and your friends but didn't want to go through the hassle of calling up multiple party bus companies, getting quotes, and then getting charged a ridiculous hourly wait with a 4 hour minimum? When it's all said and done, party buses can cost thousands of dollars when all you want to do is go out to a nightclub! It's ridiculous, and the party bus industry is completely outdated! Why can't you just order a one way ride to a bar or club, or heck, even out to a restaurant, with your friends at an affordable rate? Well now you can! You can book a party bus through your Uber app! It's only available in select markets, but we think this will roll out everywhere soon.

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To learn more about Driverly's services, feel free to browse the Driverly Home Page to learn more information!

Now the question is, would you book a party bus through Uber? Keep in mind, prices and quality of bus may vary depending on your area. And, it still might cost you $1,000 per ride. You may be better off ordering an Uber XL and asking your driver for the Aux or Bluetooth connection with your best playlist ready to rock and roll!


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